Sanhok infographics by the devs

Curious what the new map would be about? The devs have prepared special infographics for todays Sanhok launch.

Hi everyone,
Our new map, Sanhok, is coming to live servers in under 24 hours. Starting soon, the servers will go down for an extended period of maintenance and you’ll be able to start downloading the supersized Sanhok patch. Please note that the map won’t be playable until maintenance concludes.
June 21, 5pm PDT / June 22, 2am CEST / June 22, 9am KST 
Maintenance is expected to last around six hours, but could go for longer. 
Because the patch contains a new map, we expect the download to be bigger than normal: over 13GB. We’re also shipping some new tech this time around that we hope will make future updates a little less massive. 
To learn more about all the changes coming with this patch, check out the Update #15 notes.
Check out "The Journey to Sanhok" infographic below, which summarizes some of the key stats and interesting info from our 4 rounds of Sanhok testing.