Team Empire ADOUZ1E interview

A small interview to Starladder from one of the Team Empire players.

— Which one of your opponents in the qualifier for PUBG Global Invitational can you point out? Maybe you can recall a game or tactics of some opposing team?

— I won't point out anyone, all teams were playing pretty well and it was obvious that everyone wanted to go to Minsk.

— What can you say about the tournament format? Is it convenient for your team?

— Yes, we're fine, 20 games is a good distance to define the best team.

— How do your team trainings usually look like and how much time do they usually take?

— We mostly play pracs, a few days per week, we spend about 4-5 hours on them. Before them, each of us just plays PUBG, improving individual skills and keeping himself up.

— How do you split the roles? Who is a captain? Who is a sniper? Who is a scout?

— We are not keeping any strict roles in the team, except our captain. Everyone has to be able to to carry out the functions of notional "roles" that are in PUBG.

— What is your opinion on a new map? Is it suitable for a competitive scene?

— Sahnok is a good map for a warm-up, as there you can practice shooting and you don't have to search for rivals, as the map is very compact. And I have nothing to say about the competitive scene, perhaps there will be held some testing tournaments, after which the players will decide whether it is suitable for tournaments or not.

— There have been lots of weapon fixed in one of the recent patches. Has it somehow affected your basic setup?

— When talking about publics, then no, it hasn't. SMG have become too strong, I'm trying to ignore them. There is no specific setup at the tournaments, I'm playing PUBG a lot and trying to get used to all the weapon in the game, so I play with everything I find, I'm trying to be universal in this respect.

— What if in PUBG Global Invitational will be implemented a system of crowd-funding, something like a compendium in Dota2, what mark will the prize pool reach in that case?

— I can't tell an exact sum, but it would be nice to try such a system.

— Tell us about the funniest incident that maybe has happened in your team.

— We are very serious.

— And to conclude with, what would you like to add/change in PUBG?

— It'd like to add some rubber truncheon right after they will have added a shield this summer, I thinks it's the most necessary item at the moment. P.S. I was being sarcastic :)

 The team has qualified for PGI CIS Offline qualifier and would try to qualify for the main event.