Xbox patch planned for June 26, hotfix today.

The team that is working hard on enhancing console players' experience has released a small hotfix today. With that hotfix they have also announced the date of the next major patch (this patch would probably include all the latest game updates).

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in the recent dev letter, the top priority for our development team is to improve optimization and stability of the game above all else.

Our next patch is planned to release on June 26. The main focus of the patch is to reduce crashing and improve performance. With our commitment to be more frequent and transparent with our communication, we will update you weekly, letting you know how we’re progressing as we get closer to the June 26 patch.

With that said, today we’re releasing a hotfix to reduce crashes related to a specific issue that has been identified with the 3D character render on the inventory screen. We’d like to thank all the players who reported this as a potential cause of crashes.


June 7th 01:00 AM PDT / June 7th 10:00 AM CEST

  • The 3D character render in the inventory screen has been temporarily removed, as this was causing crashes. In our testing, after this change, crashes have decreased significantly on the Xbox One X, with S and OG having some an overall decrease in crashes as well. Once we’ve fixed this issue with the 3D character render, it will be added back into the game with an option to turn it on/off via the settings.


PUBG Xbox Team