A small update on the test servers

The most recent PC update #14 is rallying at full speed, the devs decided to make some minor changes in the patch, here's the changelog.

UPDATE 2 (6/5/18)
We've pushed a small update to make the following changes:
  • Optimized character’s movement logic for a small boost in frames.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where grass color was unnatural
  • Fixed an issue where characters were intermittently invisible in match replays and death cam.

  • Launcher version is updated
    • First game launch after this update will have security mode automatically enabled, allowing us to gather as much data as possible.
      • Following launches will allow you to enable/disable this service.

 Despite the lack of information on the first paragraph it sounds very intriguing at the very least. We really hope this would help to improve overall movement mechanics and adjust the FPP camera further (the line of sight on the door's handle is slightly hobbitish). Also we have to give the game devs a credit for the constant work on the anti-cheat system, however it is still ineffective against the simpliest versions of PUBG radar, not mentioning the payed PUBG cheats which are widely demonstrated on various youtube streams live.