ForZe duo won StarLadder CIS Duo Cup powered by Twitch

StarLadder CIS Duo Cup powered by Twitch which was performed in FPP format has resulted in ForZe's duo claiming themselves the first place with 1642 points which is more than a hundred more than the runner-up's from Team Bad English managed to score.

Several Natus Vincere players managed to make it to top-5, a mix of AVANGAR & Na`Vi Ubah & 0nuqtive named NEJNIE resulted fourth and POKAMOLODOY with Shade1 were the fifth. The final leaderboards are listed below:

7 matches total total were played throughout the final stage of the tournament (swapping Miramar & Erangel one by one). The total prize fund of the tournament equals $5 000, the distribution is listed in the chart below.

Placement Team Earnings
1 Россия, Russia, RU forZe $2200
2 Россия, Russia, RU Team Bad English $1400
3 Россия, Russia, RU e-Sports Ready $800
4 Россия, Russia, RU NEJNIE $400
5 Россия, Russia, RU GRUBIE $200