Team Spirit Duo & Team Empire duo to join Starladder Duos

For three weeks the players were fighting for an advance to the tournament's finals, where they will continue the fight for a prize pool amounted to $5,000. Eventually, 35 teams have reached the final stage, where they will be joined by 5 invited teams more. The matches kick off on the 3rd of June, 16:00 CEST, being held on 7 maps

Tournament Participants
Abacus Legion RabotaemZaEdy VEGA SQUADRON Huskies FLuffy Gansters
TEAM GOOD RUSSIAN GANGSTERS Art of Kill Vagabonds Bogbear
Black Son Imperium forZe duo 6th Sense apache.crew
Siberia CyberCutlets FLuffy Gansters DUO Team Experience De ja vu
Wild Flock Duo WhiteRose black magic Team Bad English 4Head
EUTOP19&Alcoholic ushibu Pochinki boys e-Sports Ready Converyor
AfterAlt NSS One Chance chertbl Give me your money
Team Empire* Tornado Energy Storm* Team Spirit* NEJNIE* GRUBIE*

*invited teams

The stream will be held on starladder_pubg_ru.

The prize pool distribution:

  • • 1st place - $2,200
  • • 2nd place - $1,400
  • • 3rd place - $800
  • • 4th place - $400
  • • 5th place - $200