PUBG community manager comments on the optimization

The current FPS situation is far from being solved & the PUBG community manager posted another comment on reddit revealing some of the game development process. If you are curious how things are going u should definitely check it out.

Three things are true simultaneously:

  1. I get the criticisms about patches where we introduce new crates without fixes. I really do. It just looks bad. Like our priorities are out of wack. I completely understand the reactions.

  2. People have some overarching problems with our crate system in particular and that understandably makes them even more pissed when we publish a patch that adds more crates but doesn’t solve the most important problems.

  3. And here’s the spicy one. The team making crates and cosmetics actually has nothing to do with optimization or performance—and it’s super important that they keep doing what they’re doing.

You couldn’t just move them onto a job optimizing world assets or other potentially performance-inefficient visuals in the game. Game developers are not like villagers in Age of Empires. You can’t just tell a guy who’s cutting trees to go start helping others build a wall and expect him to switch into that role seamlessly. However, what you CAN do is reinvest in your company and hire more people who are specialized in specific roles (like art asset creation, or engine optimization) and then take the time to ramp those people up on the role and get them to the point where they can make the performance-impacting changes everyone wants.

That’s what we’re doing. That’s why we’re building an entirely new company (PUBG Corp. as its own thing separated in some ways from Bluehole) to invest in building this game long term. It’s also why, as a company built around a game, you can see us experimenting with different ways to monetize the game in a sustainable long-lasting way.

The cosmetics/monetization people are CRUCIAL because they’re trying to find ways we can support a growing team of “builders” around this game and still be revenue positive in year two, year three, year ten, way after people have stopped buying new copies.

So far we’ve been blessed with truly insane sales. PUBG is likely one of the ten best-selling (not free) videogames ever made. And it’s great to make money on initial sales of a game. But if you want to build a company and an ongoing, evolving service around a game that stands the test of time, you’ve gotta figure out ways to make money in an ongoing way, too.

Most video game company spokespeople would not do what I’m doing here (give you real talk about monetization and how companies think about it). So... I’m interested to see how this pans out lol.

 Recently the community managers also published some info on reddit regarding possible nickname changes.