Shroud's & Doc's skins datamined in the client

Exciting news for every player who is fond of 2 most popular PUBG streamers Shroud and Dr.Disrespect. The #14 PC update among other changes has brought some undocumented materials as well. The skin-tracker team is known for their dedication in revealing what is unseen, this time it is the brand new skins and loot boxes.

7 new skins found in the client:

  • «Ghosted» AKM (Shroud style)
  • «Ghosted» Kar98k (Shroud style)
  • «Speed & Momentum» Kar98k (DrDisRespect style)
  • «Speed & Momentum» M416 (DrDisRespect style)
  • Silver Plate AWM
  • Silver Plate R45
  • Gold Plate R45

You can check out the detailed versions of skins on web:

It is still unknown how these skins would be distributed across the Battlegrounds, but it's already known they are contained in separate crates(Ghosted Crate и Speed & Momentum Crate).