Ruski won Curse Trials May

The Curse Trials May tournament has come to its conclusion resulting with the Ruski squad win. While most of the world's tier 1 teams are busy with the preparations to their regional PGI qualifiers this time there were only few notable Curse Trials participants. Anyway the American squad managed to beat some of the big names such as Totality, Method & Penta sports to claim themselves solid $6,000 earnings. Penta Sports finished second with the $3,000 for the team and Pittsburgh Knights were third with the $1,000 for their team.

Ruski squad:

  • USA sharkOW
  • USA Mad_Ruski 
  • USA nopnop 
  • USA VoHiYo 

The previous monthly tournaments have been won by Тeam Vitality  March and Team Liquid  in April.