Most common ending sites

Reddit user jhartikainen has shared some interesting information with the community. He took a 9 000 rounds statistics and marked  ending sites throughout the maps. As a result we have such heat map.

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Red is more circles, blue is less.

It is notable that the classic PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map has more or less randomized endings you can judge just by the look of ending sites throughout the whole map(except probably just for outskirts). But on Miramar we have more common endings in the city sides, which is pretty remarkable.

Basically if the circle ends near some settlement it is more likely that it would end there, which is rather unfair and you could use it to your advantage by taking better position beforehand.

Another heat map based on 12 000 rounds displays the most common landing site of the match winners.

Red is more winner starts, blue is less.