ESL will host the European qualifiers for the PUBG Major

Great news for everyone who's up to PUBG competetive scene, don't miss your chance to participate in the qualifiers, ESL has already revealed all the details of the upcoming event:

ESL is excited to be hosting the European qualifiers for the PUBG Global Invitational 2018, titled with a $100,000 prize pool, which will determine the three teams that will represent the region. As announced by PUBG Corp on April 24th, the PGI 2018 is set to take place in Berlin, Germany, from July 25 - 29. 20 pro teams from all over the world will get the chance to participate in the Battle Royale festivities.

You can find the full seeding breakdown right here:

European Qualifiers

The European Qualifiers will be divided in three Majors stages:

  • Qualifier Phase 1: May 7th-15th
  • Qualifier Phase 2: May 19th - 27th
  • Offline Qualifier Finals in Leicester, UK: June 29th - July 1st

Qualifier Phase 1

There won’t be any shortage of opportunities in the first phase of the qualifiers, which are designed to support up to 1,280 hopeful teams. Over the course of two rounds, that number will get reduced to 320 teams for Phase 2 of the qualifiers.

  • Total teams: 1280
  • Lobby size: 20 teams
  • Two rounds
  • Each round consists of 3 matches
  • Top 10 teams per lobby advance to the next round

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Qualifier Phase 2

As the Qualifiers continue, the playing field grows stronger. In this phase, the qualifier become more ruthless, with only the top 5 teams advancing per lobby. But with an increase in matches per round, teams will have more chances to comeback from bad positions.

  • Total teams: 320
  • Lobby size: 20 teams
  • Round of 320: 4 matches, top 5 advance to Round of 80
  • Round of 80: 8 matches, top 5 advance to Offline Qualifiers

Final Qualifier Phase

Taking place in the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK, the Offline Qualifier finals will be the final hurdle for all participants. Only three teams will get the chance to compete at the PGI 2018, so over the course of three days, the last 20 teams will do battle in 5 matches per day to determine the eventual podium placements.

  • Where: Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, UK
  • Total teams: 20
  • 3 days, 5 matches per day
  • Top 3 receive invite to PGI 2018

The Haymarket Theatre can accommodate up to 900 live spectators.

Prize Pool

  • 1th 20,000$ and a spot in the PGI finals
  • 2th 16,000$ and a spot in the PGI finals
  • 3th 12,000$ and a spot in the PGI finals
  • 4th 8,000$
  • 5th-6th 6,000$
  • 7th-10th 4,000$
  • 11th-16th 2,000$
  • 17th-20th 1,000$

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