Team Dignitas sign Lumber Mill

Last years Team Dignitas experiment with signing unknown players obviously didn't work at all - the team didn't attend any of the past major events & the management decided to swith the strategy with signing a good formed squad - Lumber Mill who have managed to finish second at the last lan in Bucharest.

After months of scouting for the right fit, we're ecstatic to announce the addition of our new PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS team. The new members, previously of team Lumber Mill and team Shoot to Kill, include in-game leader Gustav "GustavQQ" Blønd and Peter "Wookiebookie" Lassen from Denmark, Adam "Adam" Didiano from Canada and Timothy "Uncivil" Ebarb from the United States. The team will be coached by Adam's brother, Dylan "didz" Didiano from Canada. 

Adam and Uncivil most recently played for successful North American team, Shoot to Kill. The duo have added a number of events to their belts in PUBG's short history including a second place finish at the PUBG Beat Invitational 2017, fourth at the December 2017 Curse Trials and qualified for PUBGOnline Showndown 2017 Championship, Auzom Premier League Lobby 1, Global Loot League (GLL) Season 1 and last weekend's GLL Season 1 Finals in Bucharest.

Wookiebookie and GustavQQ have played through three teams together - Whitekids, Wind and Rain and Lumber Mill. During their time together, the duo qualified for the presitgious IEM Oakland 2017 event. At that event, Wookiebookie racked up the second highest score in an 80-competitor field. Prior to playing PUBG, GustavQQ played in the highest tier of League of Legends, Challenger, before transitioning to a new title. With Lumber Mill, Wookiebookie and GustavQQ also qualified for the Bucharest-hosted GLL Season 1 Finals this past weekend where the team placed an impressive second place in a tournament that included the world's best teams. 

Striving to identify the best possible PUBG line-up to represent Team Dignitas, General Manager Michael "ODEE" O'Dell spent months scouting players before committing to the new team. ODEE stated:

"Our new players have demonstrated a strong, consistent performance over the past six months. As we analyzed the game's top tournaments, we felt consistency was a key factor in such a complicated and tactically challenging game. Under the Team Dignitas banner, we believe this team will continue on a path that leads them into many of PUBG's most reputable tournaments and leagues."

The squad will be playing in the North American division for Global Loot League's Season 2 and Auzom Premier League Season 3..