Changelog updates to the PC Update #12

PUBG game developer team has updated the changelog of the most recent update. They have added some of the functionality that skin-tracker crew managed to datamine from the client, which we have reported earlier. Check out all the changes they have made below:

Map Selection and Main Menu UI

Map selection is now available. We’ve also Improved the UI for team mode and perspective selection. As before, only the host can select these options.
  • Pick just one map (Erangel or Miramar) on its own to guarantee you’ll play there
  • If you select multiple maps, the game will randomly drop you into one of the selected maps
  • As we discussed in the map selection announcement dev blog, we may revisit the design of this feature as additional maps are added. We’ll keep you updated if changes are made.

We’ve also renamed the “Rewards” menu item to “Store.” It contains the “CRATES,” “KEYS,” and “MY ITEMS” pages.
  • CRATES Page - Identical to the existing “Weekly Crates” page. Here, you can exchange BP for crates.
  • KEYS Page - Use this page to purchase keys (used to open locked crates)
  • MY ITEMS Page - See and use all crates and keys in your possession. Use the “PREVIEW” button to see all possible drops in each crate