23 Apr, 2018

Natus Vincere are your GLL Season 1 Champions

The first championship title ever has been conquered by the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Na`Vi squad, the CIS squad managed to overcome not the best performance of the first tournament's day and have shown a dominant performance through the second stage of the lan taking 2 maps in a row. This has granted them the first spot in the final leaderboards with some decent breakaway from the runner-ups from Lumber Mill. Also they are the only team throughout the tournament who have managed to get over 1 000 points barrier. The last event's triumphants in Romania Ghost gaming managed to finalize the tournament's top 3.

The previous lan for these squad(everyone except Drainys, who joined the team afterwards) was less successful where they still managed to claim themselves second spot with only 5 divided from the first place taken by Ghost Gaming

GLL Season 1 Grand Finals final leaderboard

GLL Season 1 Grand Finals prizepool distribution

Placement Team Earning
1 Россия, Russia, RU Natus Vincere $15,000
2 Еврозона, Europe, EU Lumber Mill $10,000
3 США, United States, US Ghost Gaming $7,000
4 США, United States, US OpTic Gaming $5,000
5 Еврозона, Europe, EU FaZe Clan $3,000
6 Еврозона, Europe, EU Rogue $2,000
7 США, United States, US Team EnVyus $1,600
8 Еврозона, Europe, EU Crimson Esports $1,300
9 США, United States, US Nova eSports $1,100
10 Еврозона, Europe, EU Pitssburgh Knights $1,000
11 Еврозона, Europe, EU Team Kinguin $600
12 США, United States, US FlyQuest $600
13 США, United States, US Shoot To Kill $600
14 Германия, Germany, DE No Loot Gaming $600
15 США, United States, US Cloud9 $600
16 Весь мир, World Ronin $600