New guns, vehicles and cave system on Savage

The dev team has prepared a massive announce where they have shared some of their plans on the new map:

Sup Chicken Addicts,
Now that you’re back playing our 4x4 map have experienced all the changes we’ve made over the last two weeks, we wanted to share some more about that amazing trip part of the PUBG team took to SE Asia. You’ve heard us talk about open development a few times, but what does that really mean? For Codename: Savage it means we’re going to be building the map as you guys play it. We have months of work left to do; beyond refining the experience and making changes that impact balance, we also plan to add new vehicles, new weapons, and most exciting in our eyes are the new areas that we think will set this map apart from our first two.
But enough talking about it—we want to show you some what we’re thinking! Let’s rejoin the team in Thailand with a picture of a big hole in the earth that has inspired an area of the map that you haven’t seen yet.

How’d you like to drop from the plane and try to hit a hole like this? That’d be badass right? That’s exactly what we were thinking, which is why we’re working on an underground cave system with plenty methods of escape. We were inspired by a cave system the team found outside of Bangkok. If you’re interested to explore that digitally to get a better idea about what this area is like, check out the Phraya Nakhon Cave.

In the next couple of photos, you’ll begin to see how we drew inspiration from this real life setting and then ultimate how we thought about ways to make it a fun and unique part of our next map. We’re excited about it, and we hope you will be too!

So how does this inspiration and planning end up looking like on the map? It’s looking pretty amazing. We still have some work to do before we show it off, but we’re excited about rolling it out in the next couple of testing phases.
That’s it for this installment of the Inspirations of Savage. We’re going to begin taking about new weapons and special vehicles (including a Tuk Tuk) soon, so look forward to that!
Thanks for playing PUBG and for being part of open development on Codename: Savage.