GLL season 2 announced

While qualified teams are preparing for the lan finals, the organizers have already announced season 2, all the details in the official announce:

GLL Open and Season 2 Qualifiers

The interest for GLL Open and the upcoming Season 2 has been tremendous so far and it’s time for us to explain a little bit in detail how it works as well as how it’s connected to the Season 2 Qualifiers.

The first series of GLL Open will run for five playing days within four regions: EU West, EU East, North America and South America.

  • EU West – All countries that is considered to be a part of the European geographical region, excluding CIS countries
  • EU East – All countries in the CIS region (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc) as well as MENA countries (including countries like Israel & Turkey etc)
  • North America – All North American countries including Caribbean and Central America
  • South America – All countries south of North America and Central America.

These are currently the regions we have support for – expansion to other regions like OCE and Asia will come at a later stage.

Make sure you’re assigned to the correct region for GLL Open as it will impact your chances in the Season 2 qualifiers that will use the exact same regions.

GLL Open Dates and Benefits

  • April 18
  • April 21
  • April 25
  • April 28
  • May 2

Top 12 squads will be directly invited to GLL Promotionals

Squads ranked 13-28 will advance directly to Round 3 of Season 2 qualifiers

If you want to be invited to GLL Promotionals you need have played three of these dates – Deciding factors for seeding, advancement to Promotionals for Season 2  will be avg. points out of the squad’s three best playing days.

Which region should we play in?

A general rule is that you play in the region where the majority of your players are based. If there’s a split in 2-2 we will first and foremost look at where the organisation is based. Example: If you are two (2) players from EU East and two (2) players from EU West we will look at what organization you’re representing and where they are based.

If you are a squad where two (2) players are from one region and two (2) are from another and you’re without an organization or that your organization is not based in either of the regions the players are from – then you can decide which region you will participate in out of those two regions.

GLL Promotionals and Open

In May, 64 squads from each region will compete in the GLL Promotionals – deciding which squads will advance to GLL Season 2. The 12 best squads from each GLL Open region will be directly invited together with Season 1 participants and Season 2 qualifiers

  • 10 squads from GLL Season 1 *
  • 12 top squads from GLL Open
  • 42+ squads from GLL Season 2 qualifiers

Some regions will be new for Season 2 such as EU East so in those cases there will be more spots coming from Season 2 qualifiers.

In addition to this the next 16 squads in GLL Open per region will directly advance to Round 3 of GLL Season 2 qualifiers.

Season 2 qualifiers

GLL Season 2 qualifiers will be played during May to determine which squads will advance to the Alpha and Bravo divisions per region. Qualifiers will be played in four rounds for the most popular regions.

  • Round 1 = 1000+ Squads per region
  • Round 2 = 256 Squads
  • Round 3 = 128 Squads
  • GLL Promotionals (R4) = 64 Squads

Preliminary dates for GLL Season 2 (mark them in your calendar):

  • May 9th
  • May 12th
  • May 13th
  • May 16th – GLL Promotionals

Please note that these dates preliminary, final dates and times will be published on April 21.