Bluezone adjustments have been rolled back.

The recent 10th update to live servers among other changes has brought changes to bluezone. The game developer team has not put match testing in it transfering the patch to live just in a day after uploading to test servers. As expected such major changes without decent testing have raised the wave of negativity to this changes from the community. This update didn't last long on live servers and the changes were rolled back within a day this Friday:

Good evening,

Yesterday we released an update that included some drastic changes to the delay and speed of our blue zones in each phase of the game. Your reactions to this change have been mixed, but we’ve ultimately decided to roll back this change and return to the drawing board. We feel there are some necessary changes we need to make to the blue zone, but we want those changes to be subtle in the spirit of finding the right balance.

Our current schedule for this rollback is unclear, but we anticipate that it will happen in the next 4-8 hours. Please note that this rollback will not require any downtime.

Thank you for all the feedback you’ve given us regarding this change. We appreciate it!

 Having already 2 servers (experimental and test) where the game devs can take their time to test all their changes to the game and making such mistakes leaves a lot of questions behind those decisions.