Ronin Esports roster changes

NA esports organization Ronin Esports reports of the swap in the current roster. With the dissmissal of Lithuanian player Aurimas "DizzyLT" Maldaikis he would be replaced by the Spaniard Jose "Koldamenta" Luis Aranguren Herrero.

The roster have not achieved much in the past month and only visited Oakland where the team placed 11 out of 20 teams. The team managed to win a spot for the upcoming Global Loot League Season 1 in Bucharest so the squad would be able to perform in front of the audience.

Ronin Esports PUBG roster

  • США, United States, US Cameron «Duckk» Duckworth
  • Германия, Germany, DE Dirk «Kraqen» Wendland
  • Бельгия, Belgium, BE Can «TEXQS» Ozdemir
  • Испания, Spain, ES Jose «Koldamenta» Luis Aranguren Herrero