The dev team has launched Savage closed test with the codes giveaway

Everyone in the community has been waiting for this test impatiently, and the map teasers published by some community managers were even more intriguing as the time passed till the todays release a few hours ago.

Guys from PUBG Corp. ask everyone on their opinion about the experience on the map in their reddit post:

Hi everybody,

The closed experimental server for Codename: Savage is now live, and we need your feedback. The purpose of this thread is to gather all of your thoughts, ideas, and reactions to the map so the devs can make better-informed changes.

Remember that this map is still in early development—many parts are unfinished. That’s because we want to get the community involved early to drive development of the map in the right direction. Once we’ve gotten the map into a better state, we’ll run some other, bigger tests.

The first test will run from 7pm PDT on April 2nd (today) until 4am PDT on April 5th.

Best of luck while testing, and thanks for playing!

 As for us we sincerely think that there is loads of work to be done till the map would be playable.