Work on region lock is in progress

It seems that a lot of players spamming after each update about the region lock has had its result. According to wccftech at the moment this system is being tested and would be implemented after the test in an enclosed enironment:

A PUBG region lock is currently in the works to improve the overall experience for all players, the developer revealed a few hours ago.

On the Official PUBG Korean Blog, the development team notes how the recent introduction of ping-based filtering has improved the experience considerably, with network delay improving by 30%. This is not enough, however, and the team is currently working on a region lock system which will allow servers to be accessed only by players in the same area. Players from outside a specific region will not be able to see servers for other regions as well.

The introduction of a PUBG region lock is aimed towards improving not only network delay but also communication issues. As region locking requires extensive testing and research, the feature will be tested in limited environments first.

If this rumors are true we would probably witness the unprecedented event.