Layton is giving up on PUBG

Although PUBG is a rather young esports discipline and we don't have any veterans here but we see that some players already retiring from it. Method's player Layton decided to follow TONI SOSA's steps and decided to retire from this discipline. He has been an active player for Method roster but hasn't managed to achieve anything with the team.

This is the statement he has published in his twitter:

This past year has been amazing for me. I really feel that alongside some of the amazing people I’ve met, we’ve poured blood sweat and tears into creating a better competitive environment for PUBG. I’ve played for two great teams, played at multiple lan events, won a lot, lost a lot, it’s been hella fun. So I know that for me, this decision is one I wanted to give you myself. I’ll be leaving Method and picking up a new career in another industry where I’ve been made an offer which was difficult for me to turn down.

Thanks to the entire Method organization who made it possible for me to travel and play with and against the people in my short PUBG journey. They’re the people who make this decision difficult for me. My teammates, SIMSYOFDOOM, Fuzzface, Jazza, Mxey, Jeemz, Realzx, just to name a few, have unknowingly influenced me to pursue this career further and become a better player, a better teammate, a better person. These guys really are first class in everything they’ve been doing and I hope that we are friends for life. I will miss them a l o t.

Thanks to the entire scrim server, those who have helped me run it, those who have been participating in scrims since we started up, You are responsible for the amazing events we are seeing today. Miniment, Egregores, Scoom, Ibi, Avnqr, Fausto, Shiv, dohfOs, w1ck. You are the future of helping mould competitive PUBG. The amount of work you’ve all put into testing settings, liaising with TO’s, and making sure everything runs smoothly is insane, so thanks for that.

Alongside that, thanks to all the amazing talent who have been supporting PUBG just because they love the game. You’ve shown us that PUBG can be exciting, and that it does stand a chance at being a great esport. especially after re-watching IEM Katowice. It was absolutely insane to watch in my opinion. Deman, Boogie, Pansy, TheSimms, Toffees, Kaelaris, the whole ESL team, Simon and the whole of GLL, the Auzom team and the guys over at PUBGOnline, just to name a few. Cheers. I sat and listened to a conversation between Dohfos and Deman the other night at dinner and holy shit, esports really does bring people together, you guys are inspirational.

Lastly, to all the fans who cheered for me, for Method, for Kinguin, for anyone else playing PUBG, thank you for supporting us. You guys are some of the most passionate and loyal fans, and you make us feel good, so thanks :)

With all this being said, I’ll still be a casual, so I won’t be gone for good - and to be honest, Method doesn’t really need me. Turtle, Aitzy, and Andy are set for success, they are all great players and expect to see them all at future events. I like to build things, and I'm hungry to make a difference somewhere else now.

Hope this wasn’t too cheesy. Cheers lads x

 One of the players has also decided to quit the roster and now Method is down to two players. However the rest of the squad is willing to play and the full line-up would be announced later.

Method line-up:

  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Anssi «AndyPyro» Huovinen
  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Ludvik «Aitzy» Jahnsen