PUBG API: what's it worth for the community?

Earlier this month PlayerUnknown has announced in the 2018 roadmap they would be presenting PUBG API to the community:

This year we will be introducing the PUBG Developer Portal. Our Developer Portal will introduce the PUBG Developer API, a development blog, and technical notes regarding game updates. The API Service will support developers in the community by providing player and match data around gameplay performance. It will also provide match-level, season-level, and lifetime-level data for developers to create compelling resources for players.

Another interesting and useful application of our API will allow esports groups and other third parties to create custom games within PUBG. This will enable esports groups to effectively manage games while minimizing ongoing technical work on the part of PUBG Corp.

 Unfortunately most of the game fans have shown no interest to it when it has been announced in public. That is kind of a waste because it has a huge potential and we would like you to show an example of its great usage - PUBG Insta Replay Viewer. It would help a lot to any professional team or the one that seeks to become such.

Hello! We made a map with movements of the players, see how they move and analyze the positioning.

Add our bot to your steam friends, to automaticaly track your matches. We will send you notification when we launch the visualizer for all players.