Optic gaming disqualified from the last game of IEM Katowice

Shocking news come from ESL hq - they have stated that the members of Optic Gaming have been disqualified from the last game of the IEM Katowice due to the bug abuse. Considering that they loose their second position in the tournament and fall down from prizes.

OpTic Gaming found guilty for bug abuse during game 8 of the PUBG Invitational and is therefore disqualified for that round, leading to a nullification of points.


During game 8 of the PUBG Invitational at IEM Katowice 2018 OpTic Gaming have been in a fight with LGD Gaming in North Georgopol during the early stages of the match. Despite seeing one of the LGD members retreating by car, OpTic Bahawaka was seen on stream using a bug that lets you see through building walls (see here). This bug is only possible by following certain patterns (no weapon + special movement).


According to point 5.6 "Usage of Bugs, Glitches & Exploits" of the rulebook, the following applies:

To keep tournaments as efficient as possible, ESL reserves the right to disqualify teams. This will only be done in cases where a team purposefully stalls or attempts to block the tournament from starting.


  • Intentionally changing your character's angle to look through a texture or object is prohibited.


The intentional use of any bugs, glitches, or errors in the game is strictly forbidden and will be penalised. Any team found to be using any known exploit will forfeit their game upon the first occurrence of the exploit.

Given the bug can only be abused by following a certain pattern, the league administration have found OpTic Bahawaka guilty according to 5.6 of the rules. Followingly, the league administration have decided to disqualify OpTic Gaming for game 8 and therefore remove all of their points for that round. All teams placing worse than OpTic Gaming in game 8 have moved up one position for game 8 accordingly.

Considering all this there have been major changes in the final scoreboard:

Placement Team Prize
1 Avangar $25 000
2 Cloud 9 $12 500
3 Noble $8 000
4 FaZe Clan $5 000