What to expect of PUBG in 2018

Yesterday Brendan Greene shared the 2018 Roadmap with the community. It contains loads of information regarding to vast changes the game would experience throughout this year. For those who didn't manage to read the whole article we have gathered the most interesting and important of upcoming features.

 PUBG Novelties and Enhancements planned for 2018 :

  • Enhanced views (new buildings models).
  • New 8x8 km map.
  • New 4x4 km map.
  • Weapons and parachutes skins.
  • New animations both for FPP and TPP.
  • New landing system.
  • New weapon attachments.
  • New vehicles (3 in the first half of the year).
  • New 7.62 rifle.
  • New game modes.
  • Vehicle penetration system .
  • New sounds for characters (4. e. walking) and weather effects, including rain.
  • Different weapon sounds for TPP & FPP.
  • Ingame friends.
  • Enhancements in replay system.
  • Reworked melee combat(both armed & unarmed).
  • Stability, game optimization & anticheat enhacements
  • New character customization system.
  • Emotes.
  • Achievments.
  • Menu voicehat.
  • Updated custom game functionality.
  • Developer API.

Some of the announced features would already be available in the next patch, which has already been uploaded to test server.