Starseries I-League lan has gathered 17,5 million viewers

Esports analytics portal Esports Charts has published the final viewer statistic from StarSeries i-League PUBG lan that took place in Kiev, where FaZe Clan managed to secure themselve the first place and a solid $50 000 prize.

The maximum viewer amount to the final day, excluding Chinese streams, has reached the solid 91 993 mark. Unlike the ESL tournaments (Cologne, Oakland, Katowice) the amount difference between Russian and English audience was not so drastic (~35k on English streams and ~27k on Russian). The most popular games were matches number 20 & 17.

Including the Chinese audience the viewer peak has overcame 17.5 million mark, but as far as we all know that numbers are overstated. The Chinese platforms often enlarge their viewer amounts. In spite of the Chinese viewers should still have the biggest part of the total viewer count, because 3 Chinese teams participated in the event.