PNC 2024 - EMEA Player Selection Method Revealed

The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have explained the selection process for players who will represent the European countries of Norway, Germany, Turkey and the UK at the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup 2024 in Seoul.

we’re excited to share with you the Player Selection Method for the EMEA teams in this year’s PNC!

The PUBG Esports EMEA region will be represented by four countries in PNC 2024:

  • Germany

  • Türkiye

  • United Kingdom

  • Norway

Each of the rosters will feature four players and one coach from their respective country. These teams will take to the stage at the KyungHee Grand Peace Hall in Seoul, South Korea from September 6th to 8th.

  • Roster Spot #1-3: Top performers from each respective nation will be decided by an internal calculation using the following stats: Average Team Placement, Average Kills Per Match, Average Time Survived

    • The above values will be sourced from the PEC: Spring and EWC: PUBG EMEA Closed Qualifiers. In the case of players who have competed in regions outside of their home country, their performance in equivalent regional first party events and local EWC Closed Qualifiers will be taken into account.

  • Roster Spot 4 & Coach: Mutually decided by the above three players.

  • Note: There is a roster restriction of 2 players from the same team/organization. Unless a nation has 5 or less eligible players for selection.

PUBG Nations Cup 2024 will take place from September 6 to 8 in Seoul, South Korea. The total prize pool of the tournament is not yet known). For the upcoming competition, KRAFTON are planning to add new cybersport skins to the game, which will be available to users as part of the Pick'em Challenge.