Refund/Compensation details for the PUBG x NewJeans Prime Parcel Issue

The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have published a blog revealing how players will be compensated for incorrectly displaying the guaranteed imprint system of the PUBG x NewJeans elite parcel set.

Before we share our compensation plan regarding the incorrect display of the Guaranteed Set Imprint system for the PUBG x NewJeans Prime Parcel item, we would like to extend our sincerest apologies.
This issue arose while specifying and repositioning the Guaranteed Set Imprint system text within the existing Workshop system. Unfortunately, this message was incorrectly displayed on the PUBG x NewJeans Prime Parcel item.
The probability data remained unchanged, thus not affecting the product outcomes. However, the display of the text may have led players to assume that the Guaranteed Set Imprint system was applied for the PUBG x NewJeans Prime Parcel. We acknowledge that our communication was inadequate, especially at a time when active engagement with the community is crucial. We regret disappointing our players and apologize for this oversight.
Additionally, as a provider of a global service, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS should have published notices simultaneously across all regions. However, the global operations team issued notices sequentially, causing varying announcement times in different regions. In light of the community feedback and overall response, we realize that we did not adequately consider the players' perspective, and the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS team deeply regrets these shortcomings.
We apologize once again for the confusion and inconvenience caused by our insufficient communication. We assure you that a new plan with clear standards has been devised to prevent further confusion. While we understand that the solution outlined below may not satisfy everyone, we have strived to develop a compensation plan that most players can accept. Consequently, the previously announced refund and compensation plan has been adjusted.
The compensation recipients are determined based on the announcement time of the last issued region. For those proceeding with the refund, a small gift has been added, and the amount of G-COIN provided in the compensation has been significantly increased. Please see the detailed information below.
We apologize to all players who experienced inconvenience due to recent service issues and promise to do our utmost to provide pleasant experiences in the future.

Issue Details

The Guaranteed Set Imprint system text in the Workshop was meant to be applied only to the PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache. However, while trying to add a detailed explanation of the system, the existing text space became insufficient, necessitating a need for adjustment in its placement.

  • (Previous) If you do not get a Set Imprint 4 times in a row, you are guaranteed 1 Set Imprint in the next opening.
  • (Current) If you open the same Workshop Chest four times without receiving a Set Imprint, you are guaranteed 1 Set Imprint on your fifth open attempt. This probability standard is indicated at the time of Workshop Chest purchase.
Previous Current

During the process, the message was unintentionally displayed on the PUBG x NewJeans Prime Parcel, where it should not have appeared. Upon identifying the issue, it was corrected on June 12 at 18:11 UTC.
We have come up with measures to prevent similar issues in the future and will conduct comprehensive verification at all stages from the planning stage.

Refund / Compensation Information

Next, we would like to share detailed information regarding the specific schedule and process for the in-game refund/compensation system.
To prevent unforeseen errors during the development of the in-game function, we conducted simulations of various scenarios and discussed response methods, which resulted in a significant delay. We sincerely apologize to the players for this inconvenience.
Please review the detailed information and choose your preferred option through the refund/compensation system, which will be updated on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 02:00 UTC.
If there are any changes to the schedule or content, we will notify you promptly through a separate announcement to ensure you have ample time to consider both options.

Update Schedule for the Refund / Compensation System

  • Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 02:00 UTC

Eligible Recipients for the Refund / Compensation System

  • In the previous announcement, we informed you that the eligibility period for the refund/compensation system was from the completion of the #30.1 update maintenance to 19:00 UTC on Wednesday, June 12th.

  • However, the eligibility period has been extended to the time of the final publication of the Compensation Delay Notice - Thursday, June 13, 13:30 UTC.

  • Therefore, the players who purchased the following items between the period of June 12, after completion of #30.1 live server maintenance, to June 13, 13:30 UTC is eligible for the refund/compensation. 

    • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Step 1 Set
    • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Step 2 Set
    • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Step 3 Set
    • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Step 4 Set
    • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Pack (x1)
    • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Pack (x11)
    • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Pack (x27)
    • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Pack (x55)

Application Period

  • Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 02:00 UTC ~ Friday, August 2, 2024, 02:00 UTC

Important Notes

  • Please review the options below and select your preferred option using the Refund / Compensation system available in the lobby from Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 02:00 UTC, until Friday, August 2, 2024, 02:00 UTC. 
  • Following the system update, eligible recipients will encounter a pop-up for the refund/compensation application upon entering the lobby. G-COIN and item purchases from the Store will be temporarily unavailable until the application submission is completed.
  • If the eligible recipients do not select an option within the designated period, they will automatically be enrolled in the G-COIN compensation option. Therefore, please ensure to choose your preferred option within the application period.
  • Once an option is chosen, it cannot be changed, and support cannot be provided for incorrect applications, so please choose carefully.
  • You can apply for either the refund or compensation option only once, and no further applications can be submitted after the refund/compensation process is completed.
  • If the number of requests increases significantly after the system update, processing time may be extended.
  • Detailed information regarding the refund/compensation plan will be provided in a separate announcement on Wednesday, July 3, 2024.
  • If you have purchased G-COIN codes from third-party platforms (such as Heybox, Shunwang or Xsolla), refunds will only be processed in G-COIN. Cash refunds will follow the sales policies of the third-party platform, so please contact the customer support of the relevant third-party platform for assistance with cash refund requests.

Refund / Compensation Options

  • G-COIN Compensation Option    
    • Initially, we announced that players who opened the PUBG x NewJeans Prime Parcels during the eligible period would receive 3,000 G-COIN for the first 5 openings and 600 G-COIN for each additional opening.
    • To express our sincerest apologies to the disappointed players, we have adjusted the policy to provide compensation by returning all G-COIN used for purchasing PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Packs and PUBG x NewJeans Step Up Sets.
    • 100% of the G-COIN spent during the eligibility period on the following PUBG x NewJeans items will be returned as compensation:
      • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Step 1 Set
      • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Step 2 Set
      • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Step 3 Set
      • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Step 4 Set
      • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Pack (x1)
      • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Pack (x11)
      • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Pack (x27)
      • PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Pack (x55)
    • Bonus G-COIN distributed through the compensation option is not eligible for Steam Wallet refunds and will have the same expiration dates as the G-COIN purchasable from the Store.
  • G-COIN Refund for PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache Item  
    • If you request a refund, all items purchased with G-COIN, including PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache, will be refunded in G-COIN from the completion time of the #30.1 update maintenance until the time you apply for the refund.
    • All items obtained immediately after the maintenance on June 12, 2024, will be retrieved, and the inventory will be reset to the state of your first login after the June 12, 2024 update.

      • Example) If you purchased a PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache pack (x1) for 250 G-COIN on June 12 and then opened a Contraband Crate for 200 G-COIN on June 19 and obtained the [Progressive] Rest in Pink - Dragunov skin, both the PUBG x NewJeans loot cache pack (x1) and the [Progressive] Rest in Pink - Dragunov skin will be retrieved, and you will be refunded 450 G-COIN.
    • All inventory actions executed on the account after the maintenance on June 12, 2024 till the time of refund application, including item purchases, event and pass rewards, and progressive weapon skins, will be reset.
    • Progress for the PUBG x NewJeans Step Up Package will be reset, allowing it to be repurchased.
    • The G-COIN which you will receive as a refund, will be credited back in the same specification as of whichwas used.
    • Reason for Inventory Reset Approach  

      • Due to technical issues, it is not possible to retrieve only the PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache items. Therefore, we have decided to revert the inventory state to its original status immediately after the maintenance on Wednesday, June 12.
      • If tokens obtained through the purchase of PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache items during the eligibility period were combined with tokens obtained after the period to create items, it is technically difficult to retrieve only the PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache items purchased within the eligibility period.
      • If G-COIN was used to purchase both PUBG x NewJeans Loot Cache items and contraband crates, it is not possible to refund the used G-COIN unless all the G-COIN is reimbursed to the original payment method.
      • We ask for your understanding to facilitate a smooth refund process.

    • Players who complete the G-COIN refund process will receive 30 Contraband Coupons.
    • We are planning to allow Steam Wallet refunds to be requested at any time during our refund application period, regardless of any deadlines.
    • For refunds and reimbursement of platform currency for the G-COIN you purchased, please reach out to PUBG Customer Support ( The reimbursement will be credited to your respective platform account.

Again, our sincere apologies for any disappointment caused by a series of service issues to the players who awaited the 30.1 Update. 
We promise to continue making improvements to prevent further disappointment among players.