returns to PUBG MOBILE

The esports organization has made a significant comeback to the PUBG MOBILE scene, announcing a fresh roster that promises to invigorate their competitive edge.

Nikolai Petrosyan, CEO of, shared his excitement about the new roster:

Our fans may already know some of the newcomers from their performances with VP, while others may have seen them at various big competitions. For example, at PMPL EUROPE 2023 Fall, where the team took first place. This lineup has proven its worth on the international stage, so we expect further progress from them under our tag.

In addition to the roster announcement, has also become an official club partner of Tencent, further solidifying its position within the PUBG MOBILE community. The team is set to participate in the upcoming PMSG tournament, followed by a performance in the exclusive PMSL league in Katowice. This news comes after disbanded its previous PUBG MOBILE team in October of the previous year, marking a new chapter for the organization with its latest lineup:

  • Россия, Russia, RU Aleksandr "MILKYWAY" Trishin;

  • Россия, Russia, RU Luka "KORKA" Andreev;

  • Россия, Russia, RU Andrei "FURRIAAA" Nevzorov;

  • Казахстан, Kazakhstan, KZ Maxim "MALOYYY" Kholodnyak;

  • Cristian-Roman "KOMPOT" Corbu (analyst).

With such a diverse and talented team, is poised to make waves in the PUBG MOBILE esports scene once again. Fans and competitors alike are keenly watching to see how this revitalized squad will perform in upcoming tournaments, setting the stage for what could be a remarkable resurgence in their competitive journey.