New State: 2024-03-21 Patch Notes

NEW STATE MOBILE mobile battle royal developers have published the full list of changes for the March 0.9.62 patch, which includes a new character, new weather conditions and more. The update is already available to play now.

The March update comes with new characters for NEW ERA, new weather and more.

For details, check out our patch notes below!

New characters for NEW ERA

  • 2 New Characters for NEW ERA
    • "Ben Brown" of the GLC Faction
      • With expertise in scouting and special operations, Ben Brown of GLC occasionally serves as a tactical instructor for both MAYHEM and NEW STATE.
      • Ben Brown has the GLC faction passive skill that provides an infinite magazine, and deploys to the battlefield with a Customization Kit (ALL).
      • All bullets used by Ben Brown are tracking bullets. All enemies hit by Ben Brown have their location exposed to all teammates for a certain period.
      • Ben Brown's active skill calls for a powerful bombing at a location within 100 meters of the character.
      • Play tactically to break the enemy's formation and turn the tide of battle in one fell swoop.
    • "Chris" of the New State Faction
      • Contrary to her seemingly frail appearance, Chris of New State has a history of participating in extreme sports, including field hockey.
      • Chris has the New State faction passive skill and deploys to the battlefield with a level 1 Plasma Shield, in addition to having 1 additional redeployment.
      • Chris deploys with a level 2 helmet and 3 deployable shields. You can have up to 3 deployable shields at a time.
      • Chris can utilize the Deployable Shield (Wide) to protect her allies. Additionally, her active skill enables her to quickly regenerate the shields of her allies.
      • Note that pressing and holding down the active skill button will reveal the range of the skill.
      • Chris specializes in providing crucial support to her team, ensuring the survival of her allies on the battlefield.

New Weather for NEW ERA

  • New weather, "Daybreak" added for NEW ERA: JETA
    • A silent dawn breaks over the survivors in JETA.
    • Use your jetpack to reveal the dawn in the darkness of JETA Daybreak!
    • When you play NEW ERA: JETA, you have a chance to experience JETA Daybreak.
    • Each time you win in JETA Daybreak, you will gain a special reward. Achieving victory in JETA Daybreak rewards you with an additional 50% tier point bonus. Don't miss this opportunity to raise your tier!
      • However, you will lose 20% more tier points than normal if you lose, so play strategically.

Jetpack Update

  • Jetpack Update
    • You can now use the jetpack while carrying knocked out allies and enemies.
      • Jetpack capability is reduced to 66% while carrying.
    • Pressing the jetpack button while prone will now make you stand up.

Character Voice Adjustment

  • Adjusted the Frequency of Character Voices
    • We have adjusted how frequently characters speak when reloading or using jetpacks.
      • Jetpack
        • 3 seconds → 20 seconds
      • Reloading
        • 5 seconds → 15 seconds

Changed NEW ERA: JETA Tag Design

  • Changed NEW ERA: JETA Tag Design
    • We have changed the tag design for NEW ERA: JETA.

New Gun Customization Added

  • MP5K C2 Customization: Replace Long Barrel & Handguard
    • We have added a second customization option for MP5K, "Replace Long Barrel & Handguard".
    • Once applied, the barrel and the handguard cannot be removed, and provide the following effects.
      • + Increased damage
      • + Change to .45 ACP
      • - Muzzle slot unavailable
      • - Grip slot unavailable

Deployable Shield Balancing

  • Adjusted the Installation Time of Deployable Shield (Wide)
    • We've reduced the installation time of the Deployable Shield (Wide) by half.

Outgame Updates

  • Battle Royale Season 14 Open
    • Battle Royale Season 14 is here!
    • Your tier will reset based on last season's final tier.
    • When you enter the Lobby, you will receive a season summary as well as your rewards for the previous season.

Survivor Pass Vol.29

  • The new Survivor Pass Vol. 29 begins.
    • The protagonist of Survivor Pass Vol. 29 is "Damian" of the Hunters.
    • Achieve a certain pass level to get a free character!
    • You can get the "Damian" and "Real Hipster" costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass. Purchase a Premium+ Pass to immediately acquire more rewards.
    • If you upgrade to Legacy Pass, the "Carrie McGrath Set" will be available again.
    • After you reach a certain pass level after purchasing the Premium Pass, all NC spent for purchasing the Pass will be refunded.

NEW ERA Related

  • [NEWERA][JETA] Fixed an issue where the world quality appeared in low detail while on an aircraft.
  • [NEWERA][Translation] Fixed an issue where the name of an automatically selected character was displayed in Korean.
  • [NEWERA][Result Screen] Fixed an issue where the nickname was not displayed on the result screen after the first session.
  • [NEWERA][UI] Fixed an issue where the Jetpack button would not become unavailable under certain circumstances.
  • [NEWERA][Optimization] Fixed an issue where enemy ghillie suits were not displayed when the Optimization option was enabled.
  • [NEWERA] Fixed an issue where following certain steps to use a Jetpack caused it to function abnormally.

Gameplay Related

  • [Akinta] Fixed an issue where buildings and structural models in the Astra region were not displayed.
  • [Death Cam] Fixed an issue where the results UI would be displayed on the in-game screen without progressing to the results screen after the death cam ended.

Outgame Related

  • [Map Settings] Fixed an issue where the Deathmatch map became unavailable for selection after following certain steps.
  • [Career Result] Fixed an issue where teammates' ranks were displayed as Bronze 5.
  • [DLC] Fixed an issue where certain item resources were not included in the DLC or the build.

Skin & Costume Related

  • [Costume][Upgrade Outfit] Fixed an issue where parachuting caused excessive changes to the hem of your outfit while wearing the Viper Magician Top.
  • [Upgrade Vehicle] Fixed an issue where the inner wheel of Star of the Savior - Nova would glow.
  • [Pass] Fixed an issue where the names of Dream Runner Mia items had incorrect spacing.
  • [Sound] [Laboratory] Fixed an issue where the Lobby BGM would not stop playing when playing sound using the upgrade effect.
  • [Sound] [Intro Video] Fixed an issue where the Lobby BGM would not stop playing after playing the intro video.