PUBG to Undergo Maintenance This Week Without Server Downtime

A welcomed change for players of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, which learned from the official Twitter account of the support team that this week's scheduled maintenance in the game will be done without taking servers offline. Maintenance is due this Wednesday, March 20th.

The approach allows players to continue enjoying the game without any interruption, indicating a smooth operational strategy that subjects minimal disruption toward the gaming experience. It is an absolute show of commitment by the team to ensure that its global player base keeps playing.

PC] This week's weekly maintenance (3/20 02:00 UTC) will have no server downtime. The maintenance includes the following changes/fixes. 1. Change in probability notation of random crates 2. Fix for intermittent crash occurrence when terminating client after using mortar 3. Fix for intermittent hitch occurrence in case of tire puncture