BetBoom Team, Twisted Minds & NAVI advance to PEC: Spring

The group stage of the competition at the PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring has come to an end, concluding what was a very tight fight in the European online championship. Yesterday, teams of Group A and Group C fought out the last six matches, setting up the stage for the next phase of the tournament.

BetBoom Team emerged as the new frontrunner, capturing the lead in the overall tournament standings. They were tied in the top three with the fierce MadBulls and Twisted Minds, who really have been displaying great skill and strategy in all their matches. Natus Vincere secured the 5th position, and winordie finished in position number 10 in other notable rankings.

The top eight teams move automatically to the Grand Final, whereas the rest will have to fight to advance in the Last Chance stage. Running from March 15 to April 7, this PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring is set to host the fighters playing for a whopping prize of $50,000. The stakes are really high here, as there will be guaranteed champion and runner-up spots for the next PGS3 & PGS4 tournaments. As the championship unfolds, all eyes are riveted on them to fight for glory and the right to represent themselves internationally.