7th Anniversary Party for All!

As PUBG Corp raise their glasses to toast the remarkable 7th anniversary of our beloved battlegrounds, PUBG Corp are not just reminiscing about the epic battles, the heart-stopping moments, and the camaraderie that has blossomed within their community. PUBG Corp are also ushering in celebratory decors where the cake isn't a lie, cupcakes become their new favorite ammo, and the sky lights up not with danger but with dazzling fireworks!

PUBG Corp are also rolling out an array of events and rewards - from a Web event, to Special Drops, screenshot event, and not forgetting the exclusive Partner Drops that bring an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

Here's the scoop on the digital bash of the year:

Party on the Battlegrounds

7th Anniversary Gift Box and Cupcakes

What's a celebration without the delights of cake and cupcakes? In the spirit of festivity, PUBG Corp've scattered gigantic gift boxes across the starting islands, waiting to be unwrapped before the match kicks off.

Begin by gathering cupcakes sprinkled around the starting island, then toss them at a gift box for a delightful surprise. It's their way of saying, "Thanks for sticking with us through every thrilling drop and heart-pounding showdown."

  • Accessible on the starting islands of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Taego, Deston, Rondo, Paramo, and Karakin.
  • Gift boxes and cupcakes will vanish the moment a match starts.

Sky-High Celebrations with Anniversary Fireworks

Let's start this party with a bang! As ytheir aircraft hovers on the brink of battle, look out for a fireworks display that's sure to make ytheir jaw drop (before you, quite literally, do). It's a spectacle that turns the sky into a canvas of celebration, momentarily distracting you from the impending adrenaline rush.

  • Fireworks will go off before the option to drop from the plane becomes available.
  • Starting planes will also bear anniversary banners.

Party Makeovers for Erangel

PUBG Corp've given some of their iconic locations a party makeover, transforming Erangel's school and cafeterias into vibrant venues with 7th-anniversary-themes.

Fancy hitting a jackpot? their cafeterias' vending machines are feeling generous, offering a 7% chance to dispense a reward of seven Energy Drinks, all dressed up in anniversary finery. Because if anything's worth celebrating, it's the chance to keep pushing forward, fueled by more than just sheer will.

  • Vending machines are interactable using the interaction key.

A Festive Facelift

  • Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Taego, Deston, Rondo, Paramo, and Karakin are adorned with an array of anniversary decorations. Billboards and digital screens light up, among other celebratory additions.
  • Care Packages are also wrapped in the spirit of celebration.

Event 1: PUBG Corpb Event

※ This event is available across all PC/Console platforms.

Click on the link provided below or navigate through the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS lobby banner to be greeted with ytheir exclusive 7th Anniversary Pack (30 Days) as their way of saying thanks for joining the party!

Event Page: https://pubg.com/events/7th_anniversary

  • Event page duration (UTC): March 13, 7 AM - April 17, 9 AM UTC
  • Log in with ytheir KRAFTON ID after following the link, and choose ytheir gaming platform.
    • Entering the page via the lobby banner will log you in automatically.
  • Press the Join Event button.
  • The 7th Anniversary Pack (30 Days) will be immediately added to ytheir PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Customize - Utility page.
    • The reward can be claimed exclusively during these timeframes (UTC):
      • PC: March 13, 9 AM - April 8, 9 AM
      • Console: March 21, 9 AM - April 17, 9 AM
  • Check out the event page to access a detailed compilation of all necessary information and guidelines for each event, plus Special Drops and the celebratory in-game 7th anniversary update, all centralized for ytheir convenience!

Event 2: Special Drops

※ Visit the lobby's Event Center page for the full overview of each event.

7th Anniversary Party Gift


Log in daily. (Resets every day at 2 AM UTC.)

Obtainable Rewards

  • Happy 7th Anniversary Jacket
  • Happy 7th Anniversary Skirt
  • Happy 7th Anniversary Boots
  • Happy 7th Anniversary Gloves
  • G-COIN (2 Days) (x500)
  • Consecutive log in rewards: Contraband Coupons (x20)

Event Period (UTC)

  • PC: March 13, after live server maintenance - March 24, 4 PM
  • Console: March 21, after live server maintenance - April 1, 4 PM

7th Anniversary Booster


Log in daily. (Resets every day at 2 AM UTC.)

Obtainable Rewards

  • Contraband Coupons (x10)
  • BP (x5,000)
  • Hunter's Chest (x2)
  • Key (x2)
  • Archivist's Chests (x2)
  • Consecutive log in rewards: Contraband Coupons (x20)

Event Period (UTC)

  • PC: March 27, 4 AM - April 7, 4 PM
  • Console: April 4, 4 AM - April 15, 4 PM

Party Time!


  • Play Erangel 1 time.
  • Play Erangel a total of 3 times.
  • Hit the gift box a total of 7 times with cupcakes.
  • Throw cupcakes and hit the gift box. Burst it open a total of 3 times to complete the challenge.
  • Use a 7th Anniversary Vending Machine 1 time.
  • Hit the jackpot 1 time on a 7th Anniversary Vending Machine.
  • Use 7th Anniversary Energy Drinks a total of 7 times.

Obtainable Rewards

  • Credits (x300)
  • Polymer (x100)
  • Happy 7th Anniversary (Gold) Spray
  • Happy 7th Anniversary - Pan
  • Happy 7th Anniversary - Helmet (Level 1)
  • Contraband Coupons (x20)
  • Victory Dance - 7th Anniversary

Event Period (UTC)

  • PC: March 13, after live server maintenance - April 8, 4 AM
  • Console: March 21, after live server maintenance - April 16, 4 AM

7th Anniversary for All!


Enter the lobby.

Obtainable Rewards

  • G-COIN (2 Days) (x500)

Event Period (UTC)

  • PC/Console: March 22, 4 AM - March 24, 4 PM

Event 3: 7th Anniversary Screenshot Event

Participation Guidelines

  • Navigate to Erangel and let the 7th-anniversary decorations set the stage for ytheir screenshots.

    • Whether it's amidst the dazzling display of anniversary fireworks or at any of the festive party locations dotted around Erangel, any setting that captures the essence of the celebration is perfect. It's all about commemorating the jtheirney PUBG Corp've embarked on together.

  • Once you've captured that perfect moment, it's time to share it. Upload ytheir screenshot to any publicly visible online platform such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, or Naver Cafe. Make sure to accompany ytheir post with:

    • Ytheir PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS in-game nickname.
    • The platform you play on, such as Steam, Kakao, Epic Games Store, Xbox, or PlayStation®.
  • To finalize ytheir participation, please enter the link of ytheir uploaded post and provide the necessary details for winner identification in the survey found at the link below:


  • Each participant will receive a Hunter's Chest (x1) and Supply Loot Cache (x10).
  • 8 winners will receive the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS RAZER GAMING SET.
  • 10 winners will receive the SAMSUNG 990 PRO 1TB.
  • 200 winners will receive customized PUBG 7TH Anniversary Keycap Set.

Event Timeline (UTC)

  • Submission period
    • March 13, 7 AM - March 27, 6:59 AM
  • Winners announcement
    • April 10
  • Reward delivery
    • Starting from April 25, expected to be delivered by May 31 at the latest.
    • Winners will receive an email with further instructions on how to claim their rewards, so keep an eye on ytheir inbox!

Important Notes

  • Only one entry per person is permitted.
  • Entries that misuse another's screenshot, breach PUBG's operational policies, or are deemed not in the spirit of the event will be disqualified.
  • Ytheir shared screenshots may be featured on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS' official channels.
  • Posts set to private or shared on inappropriate sites will be disqualified.
  • By participating, you agree to allow KRAFTON to use the personal information from ytheir post for winner selection purposes. This includes ytheir in-game nickname and gaming platform details. (Personal information will be retained for 6 months post-event or destroyed immediately if not selected, unless law dictates otherwise.)
  • Avoid including unnecessary personal details in ytheir entry.
  • Winners will be contacted for additional information for reward delivery and tax purposes, with procedures conducted at KRAFTON's expense.
  • KRAFTON reserves the right to outstheirce personal information processing to ensure efficient event promotion.

Event 4: Partner Drops

Drops are available for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Partners' live stream in the following category: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/category/pubg-battlegrounds

Watch and receive rewards!

※ Other rules may apply for other platforms.

  • 30 minutes: Hunter's Chest (x1)
  • 1 htheir: Key (x1)
  • 2 htheirs: Toughen Up Spray
  • 3 htheirs: Happy 7th Anniversary! Nameplate
  • Drops period (UTC): March 13, 9 AM - March 24, 9 AM

Important Notes

  • Rewards can only be claimed during the specified Drops period.
  • Rewards are instantly added to ytheir account once you meet the viewing requirements.
  • To be eligible for the rewards, ensure that ytheir KRAFTON ID is linked with ytheir gaming platform and with Twitch or ytheir regional streaming platform.
  • For countries/platforms where Drops are unavailable, some of the rewards may be distributed through redeemable codes. Please follow the community channels for more information.