New State: 2024-02-22 Patch Notes

We are happy to announce that New State Mobile will go through a considerable change.

The new February Update will feature a new mode, new map, and more.

For details, check out our patch notes below!

New Mode: NEW ERA

  • What's NEW ERA?
    • NEW ERA is a character-based Battle Royale where players get to play with characters that have stylish passive and active skills.
    • All characters in this map are equipped with jetpacks, which enable dynamic and fast-paced traversal. Also, players will be able to kill enemies more easily with enhanced aim assist.
    • NEW ERA takes place in a new 1 x 1km map called JETA, which grants players a dynamic, brutal combat experience.
    • Jeta Boxes, which are placed throughout the map, will provide players with a massive arsenal of items all at once.
    • Matches will be short to provide players with less pressure. Also, we revamped the UI and controls in order to make it easier for new players to enjoy the game while controlling even with two fingers.
    • Every player, regardless of their tier, will be able to play this mode, which is fixed to be always Squad & TPP.


  • New Map, JETA
    • The new map, JETA is a 1 x 1km map that consists of a bustling dock and cozy streets. This Battle Royale map has been created solely to provide a battlefield for NEW ERA.
      • In JETA, NEW ERA Battle Royale rules will be applied.
      • Unlike previous Battle Royale maps in New State, you are most likely to engage your enemies in short or mid-range combat in JETA.
      • Players will have more encounters due to the walls placed throughout the map, which enable more frequent and fast-paced combat.
      • Note that there are no vehicles in JETA.

NEW ERA: Session Rules

  • Session Rules
    • The mode takes place in JETA, the new map, which features a 40 player maximum.
    • Only TPP and squad mode are available in this map. FPP and Solo mode are not available.
    • Each session takes approximately 10 minutes.
    • The Blue Zone consists of a total of 6 phases.
    • Self-redeployment is available until the second phase of the Blue Zone. Redeployment through a Green Flare Gun is available until the fourth phase.
      • Players will be given basic gear upon redeployment.
        • Lv.1 Vest
        • Lv.1 Backpack
        • Lv.1 Helmet
        • Lv.1 Shield
        • Skorpion
          • 30 rounds of 9mm ammunition
        • 1 Smoke Grenade
    • Just like regular Battle Royale, the Revival and Recruit functions are still available. Both take 10 seconds, just like in the original Battle Royale.
    • Like regular Battle Royale, Care Packages will be provided.
    • However, note that Red Zones and the Drone Store will not appear.

NEW ERA: Jetpack

  • Jetpack
    • The jetpack, which will allow players to dash to the direction they are moving to, will be added.
      • All characters can use jetpacks.
      • The jetpack gauge will charge by 1 every 8 seconds, up to a maximum of 2 charges. Using a jetpack costs 1 charge.
      • Players can still shoot and use skills while using jet packs, but cannot ADS or use throwables.

NEW ERA: Plasma Shield

  • Plasma Shield
    • A Plasma Shield item, which protects players who gain it, will be added.
    • The Plasma Shield item can be looted from the field, Jeta boxes and Care Packages.
    • The Plasma Shield comes in four different ranks, starting from Rare to Legendary. A Higher rank provides more shield.
    • Plasma Shields start to replenish after 4 seconds without being attacked. (10 seconds if destroyed) They replenish by 10 every second.
    • Players can only acquire Plasma Shields that have a higher rank than the one currently owned.
    • Guns, depending on their types, inflict a different range of damage to Plasma Shields.
      Gun Types Shield Damage Multiplier
      SR 200%
      Crossbow 200%
      GRENADE 200%
      DMR 120%
      AR 70%
      SMG 70%
      SG 70%
      HG 70%
      LMG 55%

NEW ERA: Character

  • NEW ERA Character
    • In NEW ERA, players must choose characters.
      • Up to two of the same characters can be chosen within the same squad.
    • Each character possesses a faction passive skill, a unique passive, and an active skill.
      • When selecting a character, click on the icon on the right side to see their skills.
      • When changing presets on the starting island, the faction character face stays the same.
      • Characters can be selected regardless of whether or not the player owns their face.
      • Make sure to check their skills before choosing a character.
    • The following characters will be given as default options.
      • Sam Berry of the New State Faction
        • Age: 34. A survivor who bears the title, “the Hero of Troi”. He volunteered for the survival game to protect people.
        • Sam has high-tier armor and has an advantage in health recovery.
        • Recommended for new players.
      • Shy-D of the Dream Runner Faction
        • Age: 21. A young, aspiring hacker in the Dream Runners, who wants to uncover the great mystery in order to reveal the conspiracy of the Hunters.
        • Shy-D moves fast and has short cooldowns.
        • A versatile character who can traverse the field quickly.
      • Blocker of the GLC Faction
        • Age: 38. A seasoned spec-ops agent in the GLC who takes charge in defense operations and high-value target protection.
        • Blocker has an advantage in resupplying after combat, since he has unlimited ammo.
        • Blocker can lure enemies with a skill that grants invincibility.
      • Maria Gayle of the Mayhem Faction
        • Age: 31. Maria joined this game of survival to protect innocent people after the night of slaughter in Troi.
        • Maria carries a state-of-the-art jetpack and has a passive skill specialized in handling LMGs.
        • Maria can lay down suppressive fire from an advantageous position by using her skill.
      • RED from the Project Justice Faction
        • Age: Unknown. RED, known as the most ruthless from among the warriors of Project Justice, joined the game of survival to bring justice to the troublesome Hunters.
        • RED is quick, able to jump high, and can block the sight of opponents by using his smoke skill.
        • RED can support allies or distract enemies with his superior maneuverability.
    • Playing NEW ERA mode once grants players with Dante of the Dream Runners.
      • Dante of the Dream Runner Faction
        • Age: 27. An agent of the Dream Runners. Dante wants to protect Shy-D from the threat of the Hunters.
        • Dante can instantly increase his shield using a skill to survive longer and has a powerful headshot passive.
        • Dante is specialized in damage-dealing and can deal an explosive amount of damage.
    • Win a chicken dinner by using a variety of characters and their skills in NEW ERA!
    • Character voices will play in many different combat situations.
      • Character voices play when characters fall, get hit, use active skills, etc.
      • Enjoy the immersive experience of NEW ERA with character voices.
    • Players can change character costumes with the Edit Preset feature in the starting island. Enjoy NEW ERA in colorful costumes!
    • Many characters will join NEW ERA in the future. Stay tuned!

NEW ERA: Gunplay

  • Gunplay
    • NEW ERA's aim assist has been increased compared to that of existing Battle Royales.
      • The aim assist was enhanced in order to balance out the faster movement in NEW ERA.
    • Only the following guns are available in NEW ERA.
      AR SMG DMR SR LMG SG HG Crossbow
      General · AKM
      · M416
      · SCAR-L
      · Beryl M762
      · MCX
      · AK Alfa
      · L85A3
      · Tommy Gun
      · MP9
      · Micro UZI
      · Vector
      · SLR
      · M110A1
      · SL8
      · Kar98k
      · M24
      · DSR-1
      · M249
      · MG5
      · DBS
      · MP-155 Ultima
      · P1911
      · Skorpion
      · Deagle
      · Sawed-Off
      · Crossbow
      Supplies · AUG
      · Groza
      · P90 · MK14 · AWM
      · Lynx AMR
      · MG3
    • A First Shot Correction system has been added.
      • The First Shot Correction is a feature only available in NEW ERA, which activates when selecting Standard in the initial settings. It can be turned on and off in Settings.
      • The First Shot Correction provides improved aim assist for the first shot only when the crosshair is close to your target.
      • The First Shot Correction has a cooldown.
      • When First Shot Correction is applied, the following UI will be displayed.

NEW ERA: Items

  • NEW ERA items and Jeta Box
    • Ranks will be applied to items. Ranks are color-coded for better visualization.
      Rank Color Trait  Item
      Normal Gray No rank General weaponry, attachments, healing items, customization kits, special items
      Rare Blue Lv.1 Item Lv.1 Helmet, Lv.1 Vest, Lv.1 Shield, and Lv.1 Backpack
      Epic  Pink Lv.2 Item Lv.2 Helmet, Lv.2 Vest, Lv.2 Shield, and Lv.2 Backpack
      Ultimate Red Lv.3 Item Lv.3 Helmet, Lv.3 Vest, Lv.3 Shield, and Lv.3 Backpack
      Legendary Yellow Lv.4 Item (Powerful, extremely rare items) Lv.4 Helmet, Lv.4 Vest, Lv.4 Shield, Weapon, Green Flare Gun, Red Flare Gun, Ghillie Suit
    • Jeta Boxes will be added. Jeta Boxes contain a massive amount of items.
      • Jeta Boxes will appear throughout the field in different locations every session.
      • Approaching a Jeta Box activates an Unlock button. Unlock the box to obtain items.
      • An icon that indicates the highest-ranked item that the box contains appears at the top of the Jeta Box.
    • Armor items no longer have durability.
      • Helmets and Vests will not be destroyed due to durability.

NEW ERA: Improved Combat Information Visualization

  • UI: Improved Combat Information Visualization
    • The Sound tracker has been improved. (Sound tracker is a feature that displays where a noise is coming from on your mini-map and the center of your screen.)
      • The direction of the Sound Tracker now updates in real-time.
      • A jetpack sound tracker has been added.
    • Attacking an enemy now displays the attack information.
      • Damage dealt to enemies will now be displayed in numbers.
      • Attacking an enemy displays the target's information, the target's Plasma Shield charge and rank, and remaining health.
      • Note that said information will not display while in a smokescreen.
    • Team information has been improved.
      • Your teammates' character information and their Plasma Shields' information will be displayed.
    • Inventory UI will display your current character's skills.

NEW ERA: Ranking and Reward

  • Ranking and Reward
    • You will be granted Prestige Coins and Titles when the season ends, depending on your kill stats in NEW ERA. Prove your mettle and obtain special titles!
      • When the season ends, the top 100 players in NEW ERA with the most kills will be given limited-time titles to show their skills.
    • NEW ERA is always open. Go to Select Map > Battle Royale to play.

NEW ERA: Play Statistics and Tier Points

  • NEW ERA Play Statistics
    • Profile
      • NEW ERA's statistics will be added to your profile's Battle Royale Statistics > Squad.
    • Statistics
      • NEW ERA's statistics will be added to Total Battle Royale Category > Squad.
      • You will be able to browse the separate statistics of NEW ERA in the "BR 40" category of Statistics.
    • NEW ERA seasons will be the same as those of existing Battle Royale seasons.
  • Tier Point and Achievement
    • NEW ERA's tier and season system is combined with existing the Battle Royale tier and season.
    • Your tier points and Achievements will be updated as you play.

NEW ERA: Optimization features

  • Optimization features exclusive to NEW ERA
    • Optimization features exclusive for NEW ERA will be applied.
      • You can disable ally equipment and enemy costumes and equipment to focus on your character.
        Ally Costume O
        Skin O
        Holstered Weapon X
        Equipped Armor X
        Costume O
        Skin O
        Holstered Weapon O
        Equipped Armor O
        Enemy Costume X
        Skin X
        Holstered Weapon X
        Equipped Armor X
        Costume O
        Skin O
        Holstered Weapon O
        Equipped Armor O
      • If you turn off this feature, playback will remain available in its previous state.

NEW ERA: Other

  • In-game tutorial
    • Tutorials about jetpacks, skills, and Jeta Boxes are added.
  • Custom Match
    • You can create NEW ERA sessions as custom matches.
  • NEW ERA Exclusive Field of View (FOV)
    • Exclusive FOV is applied, allowing users to see a wider range.
  • BGM
    • The BGM will change during NEW ERA matching.
  • Loading screen and tool tip
    • Loading screens and tool tips exclusive for NEW ERA have been added.

Gunplay Balancing

  • Gun Balance Changes
    • Decreased bullet spread when fired from shoulder.
    • Decreased bullet spread when firing AR, SMG, and LMG from shoulder.
      • AR: Decreased bullet spread by 33% when fired from shoulder.
      • SMG: Decreased bullet spread by 21% when fired from shoulder.
      • LMG: Decreased bullet spread by 37% when fired from shoulder.
      • SR: Decreased bullet spread by 25% when fired from shoulder.
      • DMR: Decreased bullet spread by 25% when fired from shoulder.
      • SG: Decreased bullet spread by 20% when fired from shoulder.

New Gun Customizations

  • Added MP-155 Ultima C2 Dragon Breath
    • MP-155 Ultima's second customization option, Dragon Breath, will be added.
    • This option will provide the following effects.
      • + Incendiary rounds available
        • Incendiary rounds burn the enemy for 6 seconds upon a successful hit.
        • Burning enemies suffer fire damage over time, and their aiming is limited.
      • - Reduced damage

Controls and UI Updates

  • Auto Fire Toggle Button
    • If Auto Fire is enabled in Settings, an Auto Fire toggle button will appear on your screen.
    • Auto Fire is enabled when the button glows yellow.
    • Auto Fire does not work when the toggle is disabled.
  • Auto Fire Improvements
    • Auto Fire delay of AR, SMG, LMG, and SG has been reduced.
    • Auto Fire no longer targets downed enemies.
    • We improved auto-fire with the DMR and HG so that it switches your perspective to shoulder fire automatically.
      • DMR and HG auto-fire are faster, and therefore maintain shoulder fire views.
      • Holding down the fire button now fires at the same rate as the Auto Fire rate.
  • Quick Zoom button
    • Use the Quick Zoom button to perform ADS and firing all at once.
    • This option is turned off by default, but you can always enable it in Settings.
  • How to change default control settings
    • We implemented changes in the level of familiarity screen for new players.
      • Beginner → Standard
      • Expert → Expert 
    • A player who selects Standard will be assigned the standard key binding that only has the most used buttons enabled.
    • A player who selects Expert will be assigned the expert key binding that has almost all buttons enabled.
      • The key bindings remain mostly unchanged, but the placement of some buttons have been adjusted.
    • Existing players can use the new key bindings in Settings > Controls.
    • You can now turn on / off Auto Sprint or Prone in Settings.
  • Sound Tracker Improvements
    • The sound of movements and gun fire have been changed to no longer overlap while displaying.

Sound Updates

  • Character Action Sound Adjustment
    • Adjusted sound volume of following actions in order to improve control feedback of character actions.
      • Gun change sound
      • Reload sound
      • Equip attachment sound
      • Throwable sound
        • Sound of removing pins from Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, and Stun Grenades
        • Sound of getting Molotov Cocktails ready

Map Rotation Adjustment

  • Changing the default map to JETA
    • We changed the default map that you see after you enter the Lobby.
      • (Before) AKINTA Original → (After) NEW ERA: JETA
      • AKINTA must be downloaded via DLC as the default map is now JETA.
  • LAGNA Schedule Adjustment
    • LAGNA's schedule has been adjusted.
    • (Before) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday → (After) Saturday, Sunday
  • Temporarily removed Extreme Modes of TROI and ERANGEL
    • We are temporarily closing TROI and ERANGEL Extreme Mode for improvements.
    • You will not be able to select Extreme Modes in the Select Map Screen, but they are still available for TROI and ERANGEL in Custom Matches.
  • Adjusted Hot Time Schedule
    • We are adjusting the Hot Time schedule. Hot Time will be held at the same hour.
      Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
      Map NEW ERA : JETA
      Bonus 125% 125% 125% 125% 125% 125% 125%

Outgame Updates

  • Changed Sign-in Screen
    • We renewed the Sign-in screen.
    • Check out cool faction characters of NEW STATE in the sign-in screen!
  • Lobby Updates
    • Changed Lobby background.
    • Changed Lobby BGM.

Survivor Pass Vol.28

  • The new Survivor Pass Vol.28 begins.
    • The protagonist of Survivor Pass Vol.28 is "Mia".
    • Achieve a certain pass level to get a free character!
    • You can get the "Mia" and "Ghost Assassin" costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass. Purchase a Premium+ Pass to immediately acquire more rewards.
    • If you upgrade to Legacy Pass, the "Hunters Carnage Set" will be available again.
    • If you purchase the Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, you will be refunded all of the NC spent on the Pass.

Crash Related

  • [Crash] Fixed an issue where the app would crash while parachuting in TROI.

Outgame Related

  • [Store][Costume] Fixed an issue where wearing a Twisty Top (White) as a female character exposes her underwear.
  • [Map Settings][Weather] Fixed an issue where special weather appeared in AI Mode, but was not displayed in the map settings.
  • [Profile][Clan] Fixed an issue where Join Clan button would display in another player's profile.

Skin & Costume Related

  • [Laboratory][Upgrade Vehicle] Fixed an issue where the rear lights of Spooky Wagon - Volta wouldn't change after changing its headlight color.
  • [Laboratory] Fixed an issue where the appearance of Crystal Fire - Beryl M762 Lv. 1/4/7 displayed differently.