PUBG Americas Series 2024 Roadmap

The 2024 season of PUBG Esports in the Americas is within reach - here’s the latest information!

What to Expect in 2024

The PUBG Americas Series will return this year with PAS3 kicking off in March and PAS4 scheduled for later in 2024! As the flagship regional tournaments, the PUBG Americas Series will award those highly-coveted PGC Qualification Points. Alongside the $50,000 prize pools, the top teams from each PAS event will qualify to two PUBG Global Series tournaments, where they’ll be competing for their share of $300,000 per event!

And that’s not all - the best performing Americas players will get the chance to participate in the PUBG Nations Cup 2024, as well as a to-be-announced global event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this August.

PUBG Americas Series 3

PAS3 will kick off on March 2nd with the PAS3 Open Qualifiers, which will be held separately in each sub-region (NA & SA). PAS3 will feature a reimagined Regional Playoffs format, taking place over two weekends with a three-day Group Stage and a two-day Last Chance Qualifier. Making it to the Grand Finals remains paramount, as that is where the best teams can claim a portion of the prize money and forge their path to global greatness!

  • Open Qualifiers: March 2nd - 10th
  • Regional Playoffs: March 15th - 24th
  • Grand Finals: April 5th - 7th

Think you have what it takes to take on the best teams in the Americas? The PAS3 Open Qualifier sign-ups begin on February 15.

PGS Qualification

Each PAS event qualifies into two PUBG Global Series (PGS) events, so performing well in the PUBG Americas Series is critical for any team that wants to establish themselves as a global powerhouse.

At the end of the PAS3 Grand Finals, the top three teams will qualify to PGS 3 and 4. 

Likewise, the top three teams from the PAS4 Grand Finals later in the year will qualify to PGS 5 and 6.

PGC Qualification

Teams that perform well at PGC Point events, like the PUBG Americas Series, will secure themselves precious PGC Points. The teams with the most PGC Points at the end of the season will qualify for the PUBG Global Championship 2024 in December.

In addition to the PGC Points path, a select number of top teams from global events will also qualify to PGC via a separate points system. 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement outlining both paths for PGC Qualification, including the PGC Point breakdown and how many teams from the Americas will qualify for PGC 2024.  

Until then, keep an eye on the news feed here, our social media channels, and as we’ll be releasing the PAS3 Open Qualifiers signup links soon.

See you on the Battlegrounds!