Twisted Minds & Question Mark are in Last Chance bracket PGC 2023

The second game day of the upper grid of the 2023 PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS - PUBG Global Championship 2023 main tournament has come to an end. Yesterday, the participants played the last six matches (out of 12).

As a result, the Chinese team 17 Gaming took the first line of the standings. Danawa Esports and Theerathon Five are also in the top three. Twisted Minds took the 10th place, and Question Mark - 15th. The top eight teams of the top grid qualified for the grand finals, while the rest of the teams advanced to the Last Chance stage.

The penultimate stage of the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG Global Championship 2023) Last Chance main event kicks off on November 27.

This stage of the tournament will feature the top 8 teams from the bottom grid and the 8 worst teams from the top grid, including Twisted Minds, Question Mark, Soniqs, Gen.G and more. The top 8 teams will eventually make it to the grand finals, while the rest will leave the competition.

PUBG Global Championship 2023 will take place from November 18 to December 3 in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The competition will feature 32 teams from all regions of the world. The tournament has a base prize pool of two million US dollars.