New State: 2023-11-23 Patch Notes

The November update comes with a new gun, new weather, and death cam feature.

For details, check out our patch notes below!

New weapon FAMAS is now available

  • New Weapon: FAMAS
  • FAMAS, a new AR that uses 5.56mm rounds has been added.
  • This gun can put down enemies fast with its supreme firepower, made possible with a quick rate of fire. Become the winner with FAMAS!
  • FAMAS spawns in the field of all maps in NEW STATE.
  • You can equip accessories on the scope and muzzle.

  • FAMAS C1 - Dedicated Extended Mag
  • FAMAS's C1 customization, a Dedicated Extended Mag will be added.
  • The Dedicated Extended Mag customization adds the following changes to the weapon: -
      • + Magazine Size (30 → 40)
      • - Decreased Reload Speed

New weather "AKINTA Night" Added

  • A new weather, "AKINTA Night" will be added
  • Night has befallen AKINTA. Covert combat will take place in the now dark AKINTA.
  • An exclusive weather for AKINTA, "AKINTA Night" will put you on edge and maximize the thrill of encountering enemies.
  • You have a 20% chance of encountering the "AKINTA Night" weather when playing in AKINTA.
    • A higher encounter chance will be applied right after the update, and this may change upon further review.
  • Increase your tier point in this extreme situation and get a 50% additional bonus and boost your rank.
    • But remember, if you lose, your tier point decreases 20% more than the standard amount.
  • We plan to add more weathers in other maps based on your feedback and player data analysis. Stay tuned!

Re-opening Extreme Mode

  • The Extreme Mode will re-open.
  • You can access Erangel Extreme on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Troi Extreme on Tuesday/Thursday.
    • Extreme Modes will be available for 4 hours during each region's Hot Time.

- America / 00:00~04:00 (UTC)

- Asia / 11:00~15:00 (UTC)

- East Asia / 11:00~15:00 (UTC)

- Europe / 14:00~18:00 (UTC)

- Mena / 14:00~18:00 (UTC)

- South Asia / 07:00~11:00 (UTC)

  • Erangel Extreme Mode will have 64 players instead of 48.
  • The pace of Troi and Erangel Extreme will be faster than before.
  • The following items will be given to all players upon deployment and redeployment.
      • Lv.2 Police Vest
      • Lv.2 Army Helmet
      • Lv.2. Backpack
      • Skorpion
        • 30 rounds of 9mm ammunition
      • Viper Sight
      • 1 Smoke Grenade
      • 1 First Aid Kit
      • 4 Bandages
      • 1 Painkiller
      • 2 Energy Drinks
      • 500 Drone Credits

  • The number of care packages that spawn at the beginning of the game has increased.
  • In Extreme Mode, items from the Drone Store will be delivered faster.
  • The revival and recruit time has been reduced by 50%.
  • The cool down for using the Green Flare Gun after death has been reduced.

Death Cam (Beta) Added

  • A Death Cam (Beta) feature will be added.
  • The beta version of the death cam, which many players requested, will be added.
  • With the death cam, you can see after dying how you were eliminated from the perspective of the enemy player.
    • In your result screen after death, a death cam (Beta) button will be available. Touch it to see how you got killed.
  • Death cam (Beta) feature is only available in Battle Royale mode.
    • Go to Settings → General → Death Cam Settings to activate it.
  • You can't watch the death cam footage after you return to the lobby once the match is over.
  • Please note that the feature is still in beta. The death cam might not perfectly visualize the events that led to your death.

Adjusted Map Rotation Schedule

  • Ranked Deathmatch will be available during each region's Hot Time hours on weekdays and extend up to 2 hours after Hot Time ends on weekends.
  • One Ranked Deathmatch map will open every 2 hours.
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: ARENA (RDM), STATION (TDM)
      • America / 00:00~04:00 (UTC)
      • Asia / 11:00~15:00 (UTC)
      • East Asia / 11:00~15:00 (UTC)
      • Europe / 14:00~18:00 (UTC)
      • Mena / 14:00~18:00 (UTC)
      • South Asia / 07:00~11:00 (UTC)
    • Tuesday, Thursday: ARENA (RDM), UNDERBRIDGE (RDM)
      • America / 00:00~04:00 (UTC)
      • Asia / 11:00~15:00 (UTC)
      • East Asia / 11:00~15:00 (UTC)
      • Europe / 14:00~18:00 (UTC)
      • Mena / 14:00~18:00 (UTC)
      • South Asia / 07:00~11:00 (UTC)
    • Saturday, Sunday: ARENA (RDM), STATION (TDM), UNDERBRIDGE (RDM)
      • America / 00:00~06:00 (UTC)
      • Asia / 11:00~17:00 (UTC)
      • East Asia / 11:00~17:00 (UTC)
      • Europe / 14:00~20:00 (UTC)
      • Mena / 14:00~20:00 (UTC)
      • South Asia / 07:00~13:00 (UTC)

Battle Royale Season 12

  • Battle Royale Season 12 Open
  • Battle Royale Season 12 is here!
  • Your tier will reset based on your last season's final tier.
  • When you enter the Lobby, you will receive a season summary as well as your rewards for the previous season.

Changed the Additional Tier Point Display

  • Changed the Additional Tier Point Display
  • When you obtain additional tier bonuses, it will be displayed in the result screen like the following:


  • The new SURVIVOR PASS VOL.25 begins.
  • The protagonist of SURVIVOR PASS VOL.25 is “Veronica".
  • Achieve a certain pass level to get a free character!
  • You can get the “Veronica" and "Cosmic Guardian" costume sets by upgrading to the Premium Pass. Purchase a Premium+ Pass to immediately acquire more rewards.
  • If you upgrade to Legacy Pass, the 'Golden Eagle Set’ will be available again.
  • After you reach a certain pass level after purchasing the Premium Pass, all NC spent for purchasing the Pass will be refunded.

Gameplay Related

  • [Erangel] Fixed an issue where a part of the truck model on the bridge north of Sosnovka Military Base was not displayed.
  • [Akinta] Fixed an issue where a banner created before the game changed its name is displayed in the electronic display in the Shoreline area.
  • [Akinta] Fixed an issue where foliage was displayed inside a building on the right side of the Astra region.
  • [AIWave][UI] Fixed an issue where the weight does not get updated in the Inventory UI.
  • [World Map] Fixed an issue where the marker feature is abnormal upon redeployment.
  • [Grenade Launcher] Fixed an issue where launching a grenade with a grenade launcher does not make sound.
  • [Effect] Fixed an issue where shooting at muddy ground displays metallic effects.

Costumes & Skins Related

  • [Skin] Fixed an issue where the decoration of Mystica Backpack Lv.3 moves abnormally in a certain motion.
  • [Skin] Fixed an issue where the effect loops of Trouble Zero - MCX, and M249 are not natural.
  • [Costume] Fixed an issue where equipping Demonic Thief Style Hoodie and hats that show hair does not display parts of a character's hair.
  • [Emote][Upgrade Outfit] Fixed an issue where the emote of the Ghost Pirate Top does not display its sword.
  • [Effect] Fixed an issue where the effect of Flying Dutchman - UMP45 Lv.7 is occasionally displayed in a lower frame.
  • [Item] Fixed an issue where the descriptions of some outfit upgrade tokens are different from those of other upgrade tokens.

Outgame Related

  • [Friend] Fixed an issue where inviting a friend after taking certain steps displays a toast message and does not send the invitation message.
  • [Introduction Video] Fixed an issue where the introduction video of Ghost Chaser - UAZ is not displayed.
  • [Clan] Fixed an issue where certain clans can't recruit or kick out clan members.