Kickstart joins Soniqs

American eSports club Soniqs has completed its PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS roster - the new member of the team is Matt "Kickstart" Smith, who recently left Luminocity Gaming's roster.

Kickstart replaces Austin "M1ME" Scherff, who has represented Soniqs since April 2020. He has earned $600,000 in prize money throughout his career as a professional PUBG player.

Soniqs took first place at last year's PUBG Global Series 2 Championship in Saudi Arabia and won $600,000.

Renewed Soniqs

  • США, United States, US Hunter "hwinn" Winn
  • США, United States, US Tristan "Shrimzy" Nowicki
  • Австралия, Australia, AU James "TGLTN" Giezen
  • США, United States, US Matt "Kickstart" Smith