Opting Dragunov Out from Live Server

The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have announced that due to the negative reaction from the community, the Dragoon will not be available to play after the release of 25.1 Update in the main client. PUBG Studios also invited players to take a poll on what changes the new rifle and AUG need.

Today, we are here to reach out and connect with our global community of fans to address certain aspects of the recently released Update 25.1 and the feedback you have shared. Further, we wish to propose a new initiative that will weave your invaluable feedback and suggestions into the game development process.

In Patch Notes - Update 25.1, we presented Dragunov, an innovative firearm featuring a unique probabilistic damage system. Following this announcement, we've monitored your responses and carefully analyzed the Test Server data. Considering your feedback and the concerns brought to light, we've made the decision to suspend the release of Dragunov on the Live Server.

Our primary motive behind introducing Dragunov was to enrich gameplay variety and add an element of delightful unpredictability. However, we wholeheartedly recognize that our players are the ones who must adapt to these updates, and that such modifications can substantially alter the core gameplay that we collectively treasure. Furthermore, we acknowledge that the probabilistic damage system introduced by Dragunov creates variables beyond players' control, possibly deviating from the intended gameplay experience.

Not only that, your comments on the performance of the AUG, as conveyed in our recent Dev Letter, have been noted.

We concur there's room for more immediate player engagement beyond our conventional approach to updates - announcements, community monitoring, and feedback collection - as we agree that each update could potentially profoundly influence gameplay experience.

Thus, with all these in mind, we are ready to go beyond our internal dialogues and testing processes by integrating your feedback directly into our development process. We aim to establish a more thorough player validation and feedback mechanism during content creation and rollout.

In accordance with our commitment to nurturing a more intimate connection with our community, we're preparing to launch a survey concerning modifications to Dragunov and AUG.

[Survey: Dragunov, AUG]

Let us know your perspectives regarding the Dragunov and AUG.

Today, we are introducing this proposal as an innovative approach to foster a more engaged relationship with our community. Our goal is to move beyond conventional update surveys and to delve deeper into your thoughts and ideas, fostering an exchange that we can translate into tangible improvements within the game - our initial step will be to gather feedback on specific aspects of gunplay, and subsequently, announce the results through a more direct communication method and apply these changes to the game.

We acknowledge that not all of our players will be able to participate in this survey. However, we assure you that we will continue to closely monitor global communities beyond the survey, with an aim to ensure that every player's voice is heard.

This is our initial venture into such a method of communication, and while there may be room for improvements, we are optimistic that if this initiative proves to be beneficial for our game environment and community, we will actively incorporate this communication approach for future updates.