In-game shop features WackyJacky101's skins

A new batch of affiliate cosmetic items is on sale today in the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS in-game store. We are talking about items from content-maker WackyJacky101. The cost of the complete set is 3 700 G-Coins. WackyJacky101 skins will be available for purchase from May 31 to August 23, 2023.

  • Set
    • WackyJacky101's Mega Bundle (3,700 G-COIN)
      • WackyJacky101's Wolf Set
      • WackyJacky101's Set
      • WackyJacky101's Weapon Set
      • WackyJacky101's Gear Set
      • Bonus Items: WackyJacky101's Wolf Mask, WackyJacky101's Wiggle Boy (Emote), WackyJacky101 (Spray)
    • WackyJacky101's Wolf Set (1,590 G-COIN)
    • WackyJacky101's Set (1,040 G-COIN)
    • WackyJacky101's Weapon Set (1,980 G-COIN)
    • WackyJacky101's Gear Set (1,000 G-COIN)