New State: 2023-01-19 Patch Notes

The January update comes with massive in-game balance adjustments, start of a new battle royale season, and more.


Massive Balance Changes

  • Gun Rebalancing
    • Dynamic Gunplay
      • Gunplay impact is now more dynamic, so check it out!
        • Appropriate recoil has been applied for each gun.
    • Reduced long range damage of SMG, AR, LMG
      • To make use of various guns depending on the situation and firing range, the long range damage of SMG, AR, and LMG have been reduced.
    • Individual gun balancing
      • M249
        • Customization C1 - "Extended Mag": Magazine capacity has increased ( 150 -> 200 )
        • Customization C2 - "Attachable Shield": Shield size has increased.
      • Mk47 Mutant
        • Changed so that you can equip an 8x Scope.
        • Customization C1 - "Long Barrel": Automatic fire rate has increased.
      • M16A4
        • Changed so that you can equip an 8x Scope.
        • Customization C1- "Bump Stock & Open Foregrip Slot": Automatic fire rate has increased.
        • Customization C2- "Enhanced Barrel & Open Foregrip Slot": Added the "Increased Damage" stat.
      • SLR
        • Customization C2 -"5.56 mm Barrel": Damage reduction has decreased. (Increased damage)
        • Customization C2 -"5.56 mm Barrel": Added the "Increased Bullet Speed" stat.
      • Tommy Gun
        • Customize C1- "Long Barrel & Open Scope Slot”: Increased Damage amount has decreased.
      • Micro UZI
        • Customization C1- "Long Barrel & Enhanced Stock": Added the "increased damage within damage drop-off range" stat.
      • S1897
        • Customization C2 - "Slugs": Damage has increased significantly.
      • L85A3
        • Automatic fire rate has increased.
      • VSS
        • Damage has increased.
      • M110A1
        • Damage has slightly increased.
      • Kar98k
        • Damage has slightly increased.
      • Skorpion
        • Damage has slightly decreased.
      • MP-155 Ultima
        • Damage per Pellet has decreased.
      • DSR-1
        • Bullet Speed has slightly increased.

  • Vehicle Rebalancing
    • Vcab
      • Excessively slow driving speed has increased.
        • Maximum speed limit for general movement and boosted movement has increased.
        • Driving speed has increased.
      • Durability has increased.
    • UAZ, UAZ (Cover, Open) Vrion, VrionT, Electron
      • Durability has increased.
      • Driving speed has slightly decreased.
    • Dacia, Volta
      • Driving speed has slightly increased.
    • Motorbike, Motorbike (Sidecar), Lightning, Vulture
      • Driving stability has slightly increased for more safety.
    • Boat, Waverider, Aqua Rail
      • Driving speed and Durability has increased.
        • Maximum speed limit for general movement and boosted movement has increased.
        • Durability has increased.

  • Drone Store Rebalancing
    • Prices of Items in the Drone Store has decreased.
      • Red Flare Gun
        • 1950 -> 1500
      • Red Flare
        • 1800 -> 1000
      • Green Flare Gun
        • 1200 -> 1000
      • Green Flare
        • 1050 -> 500
      • Self-AED
        • 1500 -> 1000
      • Customization Kit (ALL)
        • 500 -> 300
      • Scout Drone
        • 550 -> 225
      • Deployable Shield: Wide Type
        • 575 -> 275
      • 10x Deca Vision
        • 1000 -> 800
      • T-RS
        • 850 -> 550
      • Med Kit
        • 625 -> 450
      • Bandage
        • 200 -> 150
      • Adrenaline Syringe
        • 550 -> 425
      • Energy Drink
        • 250 -> 200
      • Gas Can
        • 150 -> 125
      • EV Battery
        • 175 -> 125
      • 5.56mm
        • 100 -> 75
      • 7.62mm
        • 100 -> 75
      • 9mm
        • 100 -> 75
      • .45 ACP
        • 100 -> 75
      • 12 Gauge
        • 100 -> 75
      • Ammo for Crossbow
        • 100 -> 75
      • Grenade
        • 100 -> 75
      • 5.7mm
        • 150 -> 125
      • .300 Magnum
        • 475 -> 425
    • Cooldown for Drone Store use has been reduced.
      • The cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute 30 seconds from the original 2 minute 30 seconds.
    • The Delivery Drone's speed has increased, resulting in a decrease in delivery time.
    • The Delivery Drone's health has decreased.


Battle Royale Season 7 Open

  • Battle Royale Season 7 Open
    • Battle Royale Season 7 is here!
      • The tier will reset based on last season's final tier.
      • When you enter the Lobby, you will receive a season summary as well as your rewards for previous Season.
  • Tier Point Balance Renewal
    • Increased rewards for aggressive play styles.
      • Decreased the point reduction from Early Disqualifications
      • Kill Points have been adjusted to the upside.
    • Survival Points have been adjusted.
      • Rank Points are now weighted less.
      • Survival Time required for Maximum Survival Points has decreased.
    • The Tier Point Acquisition Rate for the 64-player mode Akinta BR has been adjusted to the upside.

Battle Royale Updates

  • Applied Multi-Supply Drops to Troi Battle Royale
    • Multi-Supply Drops will appear instead of normal supply drops in Troi.
    • Multi-Supply Drops will appear less frequently than the previous normal supply drops.

Deathmatch Updates

  • Arena Team Deathmatch Mode Added
    • You can play Team Deathmatch in the Arena.
      • For Arena Team Deathmatch, the care package in the center will not spawn items.
      • The first team with 30 kills wins.
      • When you die, you will spawn in a random location close to your faction.
  • Team Deathmatch Target Kill Number Changes
    • The target kill number in Team Deathmatch mode has been reduced to 30 kills.
  • Increased Maximum Combat Level
    • Combat level has been expanded to Level 70 (original was a max level of 50).
      • Each time you level up after Level 50 you will receive a gun customization kit that can be used in the Deathmatch preset.
  • Deathmatch Map Rotations
    • Some Deathmatch modes will be open at specific times depending on the region.
      • As ARENA (TDM) is added, it will be available all the time.
      • As for STATION (RDM) and EXHIBIT HALL (TDM), they will be provided as rotated maps. 
      • The open hours are as follows (UTC)
        • America : 00:00 ~ 04:00

          Asia : 05:00~17:00

          Europe : 10:00:00~22:00

          Mena : 08:00~20:00

          South-Asia : 05:00~17:00

  • Deathmatch Balance Adjustments

    • Adjustments have been made so that players of similar competence can be matched together during Deathmatch matching.

    • Due to match balance adjustments, match time may take longer. 

Shooting Gallery Updates

  • Shooting Gallery Updates
    • Some patterns in the Shooting Gallery will change.
    • The SR bonus points have decreased from 800 to 500 points.
    • The Shooting Gallery Rankings have reset. Try for a higher rank!
      • Rewards based on your previous rank will be sent via mail.

Siege Mode Updates

  • Siege Mode Updates
    • The Siege Mode pattern and difficulty have changed.
    • The Siege Mode Rankings have reset, so try to reach higher ranks!

Bounty Royale Tier, Prize Money Reset

  • Reset Bounty Royale Tier and Prize Money
    • The Bounty Royale tier and prize money have reset and rewards based on your previous prize money will be sent via mail.

Training Mode Updates

  • Vcab added to Training Mode
    • Added the Vcab to the electric vehicle garage in the training area.

Gift-Related Updates

  • Gift Requirements Added
    • There are now additional conditions required for gifting.
    • Stay as friends for 72 hours or more
    • Play 10 times or more together

Survivor Pass Vol.15

  • The new Survivor Pass Vol.15 begins.
    • The protagonist of Survivor Pass Vol.15 is "Keeper" of Project Dream Runner. Complete all the Story Missions to get the face appearance for free.
    • You can get the ‘Dream Runner Keeper’ costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass. Purchase a Premium+ Pass for even better rewards!
    • If you purchase the Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, you will be refunded all of the NC spent on the Pass.

Lobby and Preset Updates

  • Expansion of Gear Equipment
    • Multiple weapons can now be equipped at the same time in the Starting Island.
      • The weapons that can be set through INVENTORY - [DISPLAY IN LOBBY] have now increased to 4: main weapon 1, main weapon 2, side weapon (pistol), and melee weapon.
      • Each preset can have different weapons set through [DISPLAY IN LOBBY], so try out more guns as you warm up.

Changes to the Optimization of Low Spec Devices

  • Added Graphics Options for Low Spec Devices
    • For players with Low Spec Devices, you can now select specific options when changing the Graphic Quality to Lite.

Added Radio BGM

  • Added BGM to Vehicle Radio List
    • The BGM for the first NEW STATE Anniversary has been added to the vehicle radio list.
  • Crash Related
    • [Crash] Fixed an issue where the app would close during the loading screen after reloading the app after a server crash.
    • [Crash] Fixed an issue where crashes would occur during sessions in Akinta.
  • Gameplay Related
    • [Parachute][Loot Box] Fixed an issue where players could obtain Parachute Bags from loot boxes that were dropped by killing a target who was parachuting.
    • [Gun] Fixed an issue where the shell ejection animation was not displayed in perspectives other than TPP.
    • [Inventory] Fixed an issue where you could select 0 items from the Inventory's Discard Amount Pop-up.
    • [Spectate] Fixed an issue where spectate camera would abnormally follow the spectating player.
    • [Kill-log] [Melee Weapon] Fixed an issue where all melee weapon Kill-log icons would appear as a pan after killing an enemy by throwing a melee weapon.
    • [UI] Fixed an issue where the trunk button would disappear when firing while the trunk UI is activated.
    • [UI] Fixed an issue where the Scope quick-slot button UI would occasionally disappear after exiting a vehicle.
    • [UI] Fixed an issue where the item information window would appear when you canceled the use of the item.
  • Costumes & Skins Related
    • [Costume] Fixed an issue where the appearance of Nier Automata related Heads was different from other players' perspectives.
    • [Skin] Fixed an issue where the face and body skin tone would be different when under a shadow for the Dream Runner ShyDee Face Skin.
    • [Skin][Gun] Fixed an issue where the body of the AKM would appear perforated in the lobby.
    • [Emote] Fixed an issue where the Emote BGM would not output when participating in some emotes.
    • [Emote] Fixed an issue where certain emotes would not loop when played.
  • Map/Mode Related
    • [Erangel] Fixed an issue where certain area names were incorrectly displayed.
    • [Troi] Fixed an issue where buildings would disappear when looking through a window.
    • [Team Deathmatch] Fixed an issue where players would not be moved to the Respawn Area if they vaulted at the end of the Waiting Period.
    • [Siege Mode][Skin] Fixed an issue where the gun skin's Hit Effect was not displayed.
    • [Siege Mode] Fixed an issue where players would not move to the respawn location at the start of the session.
    • [Siege Mode] Fixed an issue where the AI icon would appear lower than the player icon.
    • [Siege Mode] Fixed an issue where the AI's location in certain spawn areas was abnormal.
    • [Siege Mode] Fixed an issue where the AIs falling from above would not spawn.
    • [Shooting Gallery] Fixed an issue where an unusual texture would sometimes appear at the target spawn location, covering the target.
  • Outgame Related
    • [Profile] Fixed an issue where the profile would not display if you did not equip hair and costume.
    • [Clan] Fixed an issue where players could not send chat messages in the clan chat
    • [Clan] Fixed an issue where banned words were not set in the Manage Clan Pop-up.
    • [Preset] Fixed an issue where tapping certain weapon slots would not move you to the relevant skin.