Global Partner Team Program Application Announcement

The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have announced the beginning of accepting applications for the new partner program for professional teams (Global Partner Team Program).

As we have announced in our previous PUBG Esports 2023 Roadmap, we are launching our new Global Partner Team Program with the application starting now!
With the introduction of a new partner program, we will be offering exclusive benefits to our top esports partners to maintain and further develop a sustainable and competitive PUBG Esports ecosystem.

First, with chosen partner teams, new team-branded items will be available in-game. Not only will teams gain profit from the revenue sharing of the item sales, but fans will also enjoy these items as an opportunity to show and give support to their favorite teams. Please stay tuned for the exclusive team-branded items designed by the partner teams! Items will be revealed in the upcoming PUBG Global Series! 

Next, global partners will be guaranteed a slot to participate in the upcoming PUBG Global Series. This will ensure our selected partners to show their best skills at the highest level and never miss their chance to interact with fans around the globe.
This is only the beginning. PUBG Esports will continue to further enhance the program and find more ways for both teams and players to prosper together.

When will the selection begin?

Starting from December 1st, PUBG Esports will be open for application to the Global Partner Team Program.

  • Application to our partner team program will be open to all teams
  • Application will be available from the website

We will be selecting approximately 8 teams for our first PUBG Esports Global Partner Teams. 
As mentioned before, teams will be reevaluated every year to ensure we are partnering with teams who have the strongest match with PUBG Esports.

What will be the evaluation criteria?

During the initial application process, we will be asking teams to give us some more details about the teams and share guidelines and requirements.
Here is a brief chart of the criteria we will be asking which will be used as part of the evaluation process to be evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively.
The evaluation criteria will be under 3 categories: Governance, Fandom and History.
In the Governance category, we will be looking into the overall status of the team such as stability, future commitment plans and legal structure of the organization.
Next, we will be evaluating the Fandom category of the teams. Here, we will weight team's value and presence to PUBG Esports' audience.
Last but not least, History. Here, we will be look at the team's overall history in PUBG Esports such as previous participation records in PUBG Esports events and the general health of the players & coaching staff.

Application Timeline

Application Submission

  • December 1st ~ December 23rd, 2022


  • ~ Mid-January 2023

Global Partner Team Announcement

  • Mid-January 2023

We are excited to welcome our new partners to PUBG Esports as we move on to a more sustainable and competitive PUBG Esports environment for years to come. 
We will be back soon with updates as we close our application submission process.