Notice on the Recent Matchmaking System Update of Normal Match

After the release of 20.2 Update in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS users began to complain about cheaters in the game much more often. Today, the developers released an official statement in which they confirmed the problem at certain ranks in PUBG matchmaking.

After the #20.2 update on our Normal Match matchmaking system, we’ve received many reports from players experiencing frequent matchmaking with cheaters and cheat programs. We’ve thoroughly investigated this situation and today we wish to share a few words on what our current actions are.

Even as we’ve confirmed through internal graphs and data that our matchmaking were functioning as we intended after the update, we’ve also noticed an increase in players meeting cheaters in certain MMRs quite often.

Thus, our anti-cheat team is currently responding to this issue as the top priority. An anti-cheat logic has been recently implemented in the system and we’ve confirmed a slight decrease in the frequency of players facing cheaters in a match. Several other solutions are currently being assessed as we speak.

With our cheat program detection logic, anti-cheat solutions, heavy penalties for in-game system abuses and more, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is doing its best to fight for one of the most important factors: a fair gameplay environment.

Anti-cheat team will also continue to combat various misuses of the Survival Mastery’s leveling system through permanent bans, develop and implement even more machine learning techniques, and more.

We sincerely apologize for causing any inconvenience for our players, and we promise we will not stop preventing and counterattacking cheat programs for a better Battlegrounds.