Patch Notes - Update 19.2

Map Service

  • Test Server
    • Normal Match: Taego / Paramo
      • AS region: Squad
      • NA region: Squad – FPP
    • Featured Map: Deston
  • Live Server
    • AS, SEA, KR/JP
      • Normal Match: Erangel / Miramar / Taego / Sanhok / Paramo
      • Featured Map: Deston
      • Ranked: Erangel / Miramar / Taego
    • NA, EU, SA, OC, RU
      • Normal Match: Erangel 20% / Miramar 20% / Taego 20% / Deston 20% / Paramo 20%
        • We’ve listened to your feedback on how you’ve been playing a bit too much of Deston recently, so we’ve decided to reduce its matchmaking rate of 40% to 20% (equal as other maps) so you could enjoy other maps as well. (Applied to Console Normal Matches as well.)
      • Ranked: Erangel / Miramar / Taego
    • Console
      • Normal Match: Erangel 20% / Miramar 20% / Taego 20% / Deston 20% / Paramo 20%
      • Ranked: Erangel / Miramar / Taego

※ Please keep in mind the features and updates shown below may be modified or even possibly removed due to reasons such as bugs, in-game issues, and/or community feedback. Also, the images shown below are provided as visual guidelines – they may look different in the actual game as builds are continuously developed and fixed before they go live.


You can expect a new vehicle, new weather feature, and several map optimizations for Deston this update!

New Vehicle: Food Truck

The friendly, jolly food truck is here at the Battlegrounds – but without its food supply. If a food truck pulls up in front of you, don’t expect any yummy goods – it means enemies are here to barrage unexpected bullets through the van’s open windows!

  • The Food Truck…
    • Can carry up to 4 passengers.
      • 2 in the front, 2 in the back
    • Features a large vertical and open window on one side of the van.
    • Has an awning positioned on the left side.
  • Health/HP: 3000
  • Max speed: ~107km/h
  • Max speed (boost): ~120km/h
  • Using the horn will instead play a special (and familiar) musical tune.
  • Only available in Deston.
    • Normal Matches, Custom Matches (Deston)
    • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode.

New Feature: Changing Weather

Go from dawn to early morning, late afternoon to sunset, or from a clear day to a stormy one with the new time-of-day weather feature, only at Deston! For a more realistic time and mood, we’re now providing simple progression from one lighting/weather state to another over the course of a single match.

  • One of the following cycles will be randomly chosen for each match:
    • Dawn to early morning
    • Clear weather to stormy weather
    • Storm to Clear weather
  • This feature does not support a full day-night cycle – only a short progression cycle will be shown with no drastic change to the the sun angle.
  • Only available in Deston.
    • Normal Matches

Map Optimizations

  • Added additional cover and loot to the island northwest of Ripton.
  • Added additional cover and fence adjustments to the southeast portion of Downtown Ripton, near the large art park.
  • Fixed blocked Ascenders on the steel bridge in Ripton.
  • Added additional vehicle cover to the roads going from Ripton to Los Arcos.
  • Added additional Ascenders to various skyscrapers downtown and to bridges in Ripton.
  • Reduced Lodge interior objects to smooth out player pathing.
  • Added Fuel Pumps to Buxley and Cavala.
  • Added additional structures to the area between Concert and Buxley.
  • Added additional cover near the swamp northwest of Buxley.
  • Added additional gameplay traversals in Ten Forts, Los Arcos, Turrita, El Koro, and Cavala.
  • Added Ascenders to 3-4 story apartments.
  • Made the concert stage floors less dark.
  • Fixed blocked pathing in seawall tunnels.
  • Added four additional Cell Towers.
  • Adjusted terrain in Holston Meadows.
  • Added more natural cover around following locations:
    • North and south of Buxley
    • North and east of Turrita
    • South of Arena
    • East of El Koro and inside El Koro
    • West of Assembly
    • North of Lodge
    • South of Sancarna

Animation Refresh

Remember our dev letter on the upcoming Animation Refresh? The update is finally here – our goal with this update is to enhance player experience by improving and refining PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ animation presentation while retaining existing timing and strategy.

The motions should feel different but familiar, and a lot of care and effort went into making sure no timings were changed in this process.

  • Weapon operation
  • All weapon operation motions (both FPP and TPP) have been refreshed with tactically accurate motions.
  • A special focus on pacing and weight adds intensity and believability to an already immersive experience.
  • Player move sets have been refreshed with the addition of starting and stopping motions.
  • This expanded player motion adds a realistic flavor to our characters, helping ground them in the world.

New Item: Heavy Stock

A new stock, Heavy Stock, is here with a heavier feel to provide a larger pool of weapon/attachment options and strategies.

The Heavy Stock with its relatively less recoil but slower zooming may be the perfect choice if you’re one who prefers stability than fast-paced combat throughout a match.

  • Attachable weapons
    • Assault Rifles (AR)
      • M416
      • ACE32
      • M16A4
      • Mk47 Mutant
    • Submachine Guns (SMG)
      • Vector
      • MP5K
    • Light Machine Guns (LMG)
      • M249
    • The Heavy Stock attached to the M416 and ACE32 may be modified for future skins.
  • Stats
    • Vertical/horizontal recoil control: +5%
    • Recoil recovery: +5%
    • ADS speed: -10%
    • Hip fire accuracy: -10%
    • Can hold up to 16.
  • Available modes
    • World spawns on every map.
    • Normal Matches, Ranked, Custom Matches
    • Team Deathmatch Spawn Kit
      • AR
        • M416 (Heavy Stock equipped as default)
        • M16A4
        • Mk47 Mutant
        • ACE32 (Heavy Stock equipped as default)
      • SMG
        • Vector
        • MP5K
      • LMG
        • M249


  • Haven
    • Your assassin duties have been fulfilled and Abstergo Industries and world objects of Assassin’s Creed have withdrawn.
  • Taego
    • Added player-sized hills, extra pathways, and lowered terrain to the following overly-advantageous areas/terrain to have it easier to move in vulnerable areas:
  • North and west area of Palace
  • East and north area of Terminal
  • Northeast and southeast area of Ho San
  • Road between Ho San and Buk San Sa
  • Stream between Kang Neung and Terminal
  • Road northwest of Airport (beside the stream)
  • Updated certain building colors and structures in towns.
  • Added more rocks and reeds to shorelines for extra cover.
  • The doors to the Secret Room have been moved 2m forward.
  • A new house with the concept of a senior center has been added.

AI Training Match

Shoot Indicator

Added a shoot indicator to AI Training Matches to have it easier for new players to adapt and survive even better.

  • The shoot indicator is only available in AI Training Matches.
  • When bots shoot, the indicator will display the bot’s shooting direction.

Tutorial Rewards

With the BP Random Crates no longer purchasable at the PC Store, the Random Crates that were available as rewards for certain Tutorial missions have been modified to the following: 

  • Reach Survival Mastery level 5: Raider Crate → Contraband Coupon x5
  • Reach Survival Mastery level 15: Fall 2018 Crate → Contraband Coupon x10
  • Visit the Career tab, Overview page: Biker Crate → 1000 BP
  • Send a friend request to a friend you want to play PUBG with: Survivor Crate → 2000 BP
  • Make a team with 2 or more players by inviting friends from the main menu, then start a match: Wanderer Crate → Contraband Coupon x5

Players who complete the above Tutorial missions after this update will receive the modified rewards.

Players who have completed the above Tutorial missions before this update but have not received their rewards yet, can receive the modified rewards.

The Random Crates you already possess in your Inventory before this update will not change to the updated rewards.

Training Mode

Many players weren’t aware that the Spawn Tool existed because a specific key had to be pressed to display the feature. Thus, we have applied the following improvements for better convenience. 

  • The Spawn Tool will now pop up automatically after you enter Training Mode.
  • Players will also have the option to choose from the last weapon and inventory preset they set up in their previous Training Mode session, a Beryl M762 preset, or a SKS preset.
    • These options are not available for the 1v1 Arena.

New Interaction Key: Limited Interact

As we regularly develop and release new features, we needed an additional, secondary interaction key apart from the F key (for PC) for simultaneous situations, such as when players interact with a specific feature for different purposes. Therefore, we’ve added a new Limited Interact keybinding that is to be used for many more upcoming feature interactions.

  • Limited Interact default keys
    • PC: H
    • Xbox/Stadia: LB + X
    • PlayStation®: L1 + 
  • Console players must head over to their custom controller presets to customize these keys.
    • You may modify the keybindings, but you are unable to remove them entirely.

Vehicle Skin Improvements

A new system enabling you to choose special vehicle skins for a fancier experience has arrived!

  • You are now required to press certain keys to equip vehicle skins.
  • Two new categories have been added to vehicle skins: Basic Skins and Special Skins.
    • These categories have been added to your Customize – Vehicle page.
    • You can select one Basic Skin and one Special Skin to choose from when you’re in-game.
  • Keys for equipping vehicle skins have been changed to the following:
    • Use vehicle without equipping skin (Basic interaction key)
      • PC: F
      • Xbox/Stadia: X
      • PlayStation®: 
    • Equip vehicle skin (Limited Interact)
      • PC: H
      • Xbox/Stadia: LB + X
      • PlayStation®: L1 + 
      • Players who’ve been using the above keybindings for vehicle use will have to change their keybinding settings again after this update.
      • Console players must head over to their custom controller presets to customize their keybinds for equipping vehicle skins.
      • You may modify the keybindings, but you are unable to remove them entirely.
  • Equipping vehicle skins
    • The list of Basic and Special skins you’ve selected at Customize will pop up for you to select.
    • If you’ve selected only one skin (either category) at Customize, the vehicle will equip its skin immediately.
  • Vehicle skin equip effect
    • A special effect has been added to vehicles when equipping skin.
    • The effect will be canceled if:
      • The vehicle moves (driving, collision, friction, etc.)
      • A player gets in the vehicle
      • The player moves too far from the vehicle after interaction
      • The vehicle receives damage (tire damage included)
      • When another player selects another skin
    • If the effect is canceled, the vehicle will maintain its original appearance.
      • If the vehicle received damage during the effect, the damage will remain on the vehicle.
  • With the Roadster Motorcycle no longer a world spawn vehicle, the El Solitario Desert Wolves skin has been categorized as a Special Skin.

Collaboration: McLaren

McLaren is here at PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

  • Dress your Coupe RB with McLaren skins!
  • McLaren vehicle skins are purchasable as Special Skins. 
    • The Coupe RB’s original features will not be affected by the McLaren skins.
  • McLaren Container
    • A special container will spawn in each starting point of Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Deston. These special containers will open up to reveal a vehicle with a McLaren skin equipped.
    • Players who own a McLaren vehicle skin can interact with these containers.
    • Only the player who opens the container and/or their teammates can ride and drive the McLaren vehicle.
    • Players may interact with these containers until they board the plane.
    • Containers and the McLaren vehicle will be removed once a match starts.
    • The McLaren containers will be available to use for three months.
  • Available modes
    • Normal Matches, Ranked, Casual Mode, Custom Matches
      • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode.
  • And we have many more! Check out all the perks and news on the new Crafter Pass: McLaren, new Workshop McLaren Chests, Special Drop events, and many more in the McLaren GT in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS announcement.


  • More specific previews are available for McLaren parcels at the Store.
    • Click on the preview pop-up for a more specific preview screen for vehicle skins and item sets! 
    • Items’ expiry dates and item probabilities also available.


  • To make navigation easier, the item categories that were visible as a drop-down menu will now all be shown on the page.
    • This applies to the Wardrobe and Vehicle pages.



  • New item sets have been added to the Hunter’s Chest and Archivist’s Chest.
    • PCS6
    • Survivor Pass: Punk Wave


  • Both the basic/advanced key guide options will have the key guides for turning on/off car engines show up on the screen.
  • The vehicle UI that shows up on the bottom left when you get in the driver’s seat of the Airboat, Pillar Security Car, or the Food Truck has been improved.


  • Made Inventory preview textures render only necessary to improve memory.
  • Made Inventory item slots generate beforehand to improve Inventory UI rendering speed.
  • Secured CPU capacity and dispersed work load to improve frame drop issues.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed existing in-game issues (Carry, Drone, parachute, etc.) that affected gameplay.
  • Fixed the bug of a player’s direction sometimes being different from the direction it’s heading with its parachute when you stop following.
  • Fixed the bug of being unable to put down a player you’re carrying at certain building entrances.
  • Fixed the bug of a player hearing specific sounds inside a building when another player uses the M79.
  • Fixed the bug of melee weapons overlapping when you swap your primary weapon with a Drone or EMT Gear.
  • Fixed the bug of a knocked out and disconnected player being relocated after it’s carried and put down on steep terrain.
  • Fixed the awkward field of view bug in FPP when you switch to ADS after moving from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat in a vehicle.
  • Fixed the bug of players riding certain vehicles that have bullet marks and having the same bullet marks being shown on their character’s legs.
  • Fixed the black screen bug that shows up after using a Drone another player used.
  • Fixed the bug of being able to use a Drone another player used without range limit.
  • Fixed the bug of an Emote being shown in a continuous loop in Replay or Death Cam when a player uses an Emote without any weapon equipped.
  • Fixed the bug of the Emergency Pickup being deployed crookedly when used on top of certain objects.
  • Fixed the bug of the last circle being generated outside the map when setting the last circle to generate in Town in Custom Matches.
  • Fixed the bug of a player’s last online time being reset after restarting the lobby while offline.
  • Fixed the bug of Jammer Packs spawning even when its spawn rate is set to 0 in Custom Match – Deston.
  • Fixed the bug of bots not getting healed even after using boost items.
  • Fixed the temporary screen error that shows up when you use the Blue Chip Detector after changing ADS between your primary Scope and Canted Sight.
  • Fixed the bug of Red Zones not generating in AI Training Match.
  • Fixed the bug of being able to receive BP rewards/Pass XP when force quitting and restarting the client repeatedly.


  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Taego.
  • Fixed the bug of Taego’s breakable pots not showing up and its breaking sounds not being heard in Death Cam.


  • Fixed the text display bug of Tactical Gear in Training Mode when you set your language to English.
  • Fixed the bug of the friends list being placed in the order of capitalized and lowercased letters.
  • Fixed the typo in War Mode: Conquest’s general settings.
  • (PC) Fixed the overlapping text bug in Observer Mode after changing the camera movement speed or using the bullet tracer feature.
  • (PC) Fixed the shadow bug that shows up on screen after using the Report menu in Team Management.
  • (PC) Fixed the cut off mouse UI in ‘Stop emote’ of the emote wheel.
  • (PC) Fixed the bug of skins unable to apply when customizing your lobby is enabled on the menu.
  • (PC) Fixed certain wordings in the Workshop.
  • (Console) Fixed the cut off L1 / R1 button UI in the Custom Match setting menu for PlayStation®.

Items & Skins

※ Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.

  • Fixed the clipping bug on a female character’s left wrist when equipping NieR Replicant ver.1.22 – Kainé’s Gloves.
  • Fixed the clipping bug on the legs when equipping certain Jacket items with certain Bottom items.
  • Fixed the awkward graphic on shroud’s Mk47 Mutant.
  • Fixed the clipping bug on the stomach when equipping Hermes Airfoil Pants with JiBaoBao.
  • Fixed the clipping bug on a female character’s ankles when equipping Julie’s Haven Boots with Calico Onesie.
  • Fixed the clipping bug when equipping Tenebres Combat Vest with certain Top items.
  • Fixed the bug of the effect not being shown in the Survivor Base lobby skin.
  • (PC) Fixed the bug of the Dark Punk – Helmet (Level 3) being shown as another item in-game.