One of the top-5 squad players of PCS6 suspected cheating

Soniqs player James "TGLTN" Giezen suspected one of the players of the South American team 22 Esports of using a recoil control macro. The player in question is Brazilian Kaio "Balkkan" Duarte.

So, Balkkan edited and published highlights of his game on YouTube. TGLTN reviewed the video and pointed out one oddity there, namely a shaking screen while shooting prolonged automatic gunfires. A similar "vibration" of the screen is observed just when using a macro, as seen in this video.

eUnited member Matt "Kickstart" Smith added that the video was sent to the developers of PUBG: Battlegrounds for research before PCS6.

The 22 Esports team finished fifth in the grand finals of the sixth season of the PUBG Continental Series in America and earned $18,000 in prize money. Balkkan made 36 kills in the tournament.