Soniqs are the champions of PCS6: Americas

Soniqs squad became the champion of the sixth season of the PUBG Continental Series in the Americas region. Soniqs fragged 165 kills and scored a total of 289 points, 37 points ahead of its closest competitor. Second place in the tournament went to the YAHO squad, with the Guadalajara Gascans rounding out the top three.

Soniqs took home $60,000 and 450 PGC qualifying points; the runner-up went to $35,000 and 270 points. One of the Soniqs player, James "TGLTN" Giezen, was awarded an additional $5,000 for the most frags in the tournament.

PUBG Continental Series 6 in the Americas region took place from April 15-24. Participants played 30 matches. In each of the PCS6 regions, teams raffled off $250,000.


Prize pool distribution