11 Apr, 2022

WackyJacky101 examined ADS mouse sensitivity on different weapons

Well-known in the PUBG: Battlegrounds community content-maker WackyJacky101 told about a problem with mouse sensitivity in PUBG. He discovered that different weapons have different mouse sensitivity in aiming mode (ADS) when using holographic, Red Dot and canted sights.

WackyJacky101 measured the distance covered by the mouse on the mouse pad and compared it to how many degrees the character turned in the game (this can be determined with the compass at the top of the screen).

It turned out that all assault and sniper rifles, DMRs, as well as machine guns have the same mouse sensitivity in ADS when using the aforementioned sights; in comparison with them, submachine guns as well as the Scorpion have 8.3% higher sensitivity (P90 has 2.7% lower); pistols have 15% higher sensitivity, and crossbows 16.6% lower.

WackyJacky101 explained that this is due to the fact that different weapons have different FOV in aiming mode, as a result mouse sensitivity changes.