Make The Most Of Twitch Drops in Free Play Week!

As you may know, KRAFTON are currently hosting a PUBG: Battlegrounds ‘Free Play Week’ on Steam. It’s as simple as it sounds, round up your friends, hop onto the Battlegrounds for free and start racking up those Chicken Dinners! 

To mark the occasion, they’re collaborating with PUBG Partners who are fragging out on their own channels, while offering tips and strategies on how they dominate the Battlegrounds. They’re also hosting Twitch drops, where viewers have the chance to pick up Contraband Coupons while they watch. 

It’s easy to collect this free loot, simply head over to selected Partners’ channels from Friday until Monday 16 August 02:00 CEST and enjoy the content!

How to earn

  • After watching for 30mins – 2x Contraband Coupons
  • After watching for 60mins – 4x Contraband Coupons
  • After watching for 120mins – 8x Contraband Coupons
  • Maximum amount of items – 14x Contraband Coupons

So whether you’re a seasoned PUBG: Battlegrounds veteran, or someone who’s been desperate to get out there and see what all the excitement is about, join our ‘Free Play Week’ and start earning complimentary loot!!!

Below is a list of all participating PUBG Partners!

10000DAYS 10kdays
212S 212s
adouz1e adouz1e
Alkandari89 alkandari89
AmIDivine imdivine
apvideo apvideo
asmadey N/A
bierbankb bierbankb
Bine1107 bine1107
blyyyplays blyyyplays
carranco carranco
cassali cassali
CastByCopter copter
chilipfeffer chilipfeffer
cigan69pt cigan69pt
clib clib
CorsacPUBG corsac
Crappa crappa
Danucd danucd
dobra_divka N/A
dogsrs dogsrs
drainys drainys
Drakarris drakarris
eyecident N/A
Fabmizz fabmizz
feyerist feyerist
gideon gideon
h0ffey h0ffey
hawkistream hawkistream
hckerjack hckerjack
Heawin heawin
heli xhelionx
hibako hibako
iBakhmet ibakhmet
ibbaa ibbaa
JakeeY jakeey
justknight justknight
Kaigod kainitsche
Kili1878 kili1878
KODIAK_official kodiak
lahzaa lahzaa
lauraa lauraa
Lillithy lillithy
LosHD loshd
Lost lost
makataO makatao
maxiz0r maxiz0r
miikaz miikaz
misterreadys misterreadys
mithrain mithrain
monkey_lesinge monkey_lesinge
morsy morsy
N1_Trucky trucky
nanardbe N/A
noki_pubg noki
odesskin odesskin
orange orange
Philiimon philiimon
POLADERUC poladeruc
RaluMyst ralumyst
RayaOnAir rayaonair
rayitos_nfs rayitos_nfs
Recrent recrent
RedgieBeardo redgiebeardo
Rikkemor rikkemor
Sansen’s World sansen
Scarlett scarlet
Sensoria Sensoria
septicfalcon N/A
Shabsey shabsey
Shamanenok shamanenok
silerzz silerzz
sKinpi skinpi
SLICK3R slick3r
solar solar_og
spajKK spajkk
spige0n spige0n
spreeezy spreeezy
tenekekafalar_tk N/A
TheAbuJojo theabujojo
Thenderlost thenderlost
Throne0 throne0
tr1psen33 tr1psen33
Trauni trauni
tulu N/A
WackyJacky101 wackyjacky101
Wandayss wandayss
xplicittt xplicittt
yisusheal yisusheal
zCritic_ zcritic
zuluxxman zuluxxman