Update 12.1 - Now on the Test Server!

Season 12 has landed on the Battlegrounds!

Drop-in and explore our biggest Miramar update since launch; with significant visual and design improvements, a new uniquely Miramar vehicle, and an armor-destroying sniper rifle, what’s not to love?

Read on for full details, including the introduction of a new weapon skin upgrade system, pre-game soccer, quality of life improvements, and more!

Miramar World Update

Miramar holds a special place in our hearts; launched alongside PUBG 1.0 in December 2017 we’re thrilled to show you the improvements made for Season 12.

Throughout the map, we’ve focused on improving the overall visual quality (lighting especially) while also keeping a close eye on improving player interactions with the environment to improve your gameplay experience.

Expect an overall smoother experience, with reduced object clutter, less troublesome coastlines, adjusted cover across the map, and more.

While points of interest will still feel very familiar, we’ve introduced key changes to improve core gameplay and keep things feeling fresh. Keep an eye out and let us know what you think!

  • Terrain Updates

We have improved the visual fidelity of textures and materials across the map. Additional cliffs have been added for steep slopes, which clearly indicate areas that cannot be climbed easily.

  • Cliff Updates

Cliffs have been improved across the map and now look much better overall.

  • Foliage Updates

Trees, plants, and other foliage have received vast visual improvements.

  • Lighting Updates

One goal of these lighting changes is to push a warmer, drier, and arid feel to help separate the feel and color palette from other maps. Looking at the map, we plotted the sun’s arch and tweaked the lighting setups to represent different times of day better. We aimed to create a softer image with less contrast to help with eye strain while still ensuring longer distance engagements.

In the existing weather types: Sunny, Sunset, Sunrise, and Cloudy, the intensity and color have been adjusted. Sandstorm and Dusk will be introduced in Challenger Mode. Finally, improvements were made to the bunker and interior lighting.

  • Building and Object Updates

Many buildings and objects across the map have received visual improvements.

  • Map Flow

Reduced clutter across the map to improve ease of movement, especially around building entrances.

New Weapon – Lynx AMR

The Lynx AMR is PUBG’s first Anti-Materiel Rifle, a semi-automatic crate gun capable of damaging military equipment and armor, in addition to players and vehicles.

Intended as a hard counter to vehicles, the Lynx is also effective in any situations you’d find yourself wanting to scope in and shoot down an enemy.

  • PUBG’s first .50 caliber weapon
  • The Lynx AMR is first and foremost the best anti-vehicle sniper rifle in the game, capable of destroying BRDMs and even penetrating the windows to kill its occupants.
    • Capable of destroying weak vehicles like motorcycles in a single shot and most regular vehicles in two or three shots.
  • Players have five shots only, with no way to reload.
  • Spawns in Care Package only on Miramar in Normal Matches. In a future update, the Lynx will be added to Custom Matches and Training Mode

New Vehicle – Quad

The Quad is an off-road vehicle with four low-pressure tires and a driver seat designed to be straddled by the operator, with handlebars for steering control, with room on the back for a teammate. Modeled after a racing-style ATV, get ready to explore the Battlegrounds on this all-terrain monster we call the Quad.

  • Seats: 2
  • Health: 750
  • Maximum Speed: 110 km/h (125 km/h at maximum boost)
  • Maximum Range: 24.4 km (18.5 km at maximum boost)
  • Only spawns on Miramar.
  • Will be added to in Custom Matches and Training Mode in a future update.

Ranked Season 12

The new ranked season is upon us!

All players eligible for Season 11 ranked rewards will receive them upon launching the game. Rewards are granted based on your end-of-season rank.

For more information on ranked rewards, click here. Season 12 rewards will be announced at a later date.

  • Ranked rewards for Season 12 are below:
  • PUBG ID emblem for each tier that includes animation can be acquired when reaching the Platinum Tier or higher.
Bronze Bronze PUBG ID Emblem
Silver Silver PUBG ID Emblem
Gold Gold PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin

Platinum Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin

Diamond Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin

Master Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem

Animated Master Nameplate

Ranked Parachute Skin

Top 500 Bonus rewards for Top 500 players:
  • Animated Top 500 PUBG ID Emblem
  • Animated Top 500 Nameplate

Unlocked Rewards

  • The Parachute Skin is a permanent reward that players keep forever and can equip as they please.
  • The rest of the earnable rewards are ‘Unlocked’ only for the duration of a single Ranked Season.
  • Only the unlocked rewards from a player’s highest rank will be granted.
  • Unlocked Rewards can be found in the inventory at the start of the new season.

Weapon Skin Upgrade System

Introducing the Weapon Skin Upgrade System. Level-up your weapon skins and add new features and styles to your weapon; keep an eye out for Contraband Crates in store (purchasable with G-Coin). Materials used to upgrade skins can be purchased or found with a low probability via certain crates purchasable with BP and through community events.

Contraband Crate
Crates can be purchased 200 G-Coin each or bought as a pack of 10 for 1,800 G-Coin.

  • Unboxing gives a chance to acquire the following weapon skins or materials:
    • Upgradable weapon skins
    • Ordinary weapon skin, special grade or above (Special, Rare, Elite, Epic)
    • Schematics (Material)
    • Polymer (Material)
  • 10 Contraband Coupons are required to open a crate.
  • 10 Scrap can be acquired from opening Contraband Crates using G-Coin. Scrap can be used to purchase items from the Scrap Shop.

Crate Probability Table

Tier Item Name Probability
Legendary [PROGRESSIVE] Gear Head – Beryl M762 0.90%
Epic Schematics 0.90%
Epic Psycho Killer – M24 1.20%
Epic Shark Bite – M16A4 1.00%
Epic Gold Plate – AKM 1.00%
Elite Psycho Killer – SCAR-L 2.10%
Elite Psycho Killer – QBU 2.10%
Elite Psycho Killer – MP5K 2.10%
Elite Gold Plate – SKS 1.70%
Elite Gold Plate – Groza 1.70%
Elite Desert Digital – M416 1.70%
Elite Gold Plate – AWM 1.70%
Elite Trifecta – SCAR-L 1.70%
Elite Silver Plate – S12K 1.70%
Rare Plaid to the Bone – M249 2.70%
Rare Plaid to the Bone – Beryl M762 2.70%
Rare Plaid to the Bone – VSS 2.70%
Rare Gold Plate – Sawed-Off 2.50%
Rare Silver Plate – UMP45 2.50%
Rare Silver Plate – Tommy Gun 2.50%
Rare Desert Digital – P92 2.50%
Rare Desert Digital – Kar98k 2.50%
Rare Desert Digital – Mini14 2.50%
Rare Trifecta – Micro UZI 2.50%
Special Chain Gang – DP-28 2.90%
Special Chain Gang – S12K 2.90%
Special Chain Gang – M16A4 2.90%
Special Chain Gang – Micro UZI 2.90%
Special Urban Hunter – Crossbow 2.40%
Special Urban Hunter – Sawed-Off 2.40%
Special Urban Hunter – P92 2.40%
Special Gold Plate – Win94 2.80%
Special Trifecta – P92 2.80%
Special Desert Digital – R45 2.80%
Special Desert Digital – Win94 2.80%
Special Desert Digital – Micro UZI 2.80%
Special Desert Digital – P18C 2.80%
Special Rugged (Orange) – Kar98k 2.80%
Polymers x50 9.50%
Polymers x100 3.50%
Polymers x200 1.50%

Scrap Shop

  • Scrap acquired from opening Contraband Crates can be used to purchase items from the Scrap Shop. Scrap can be kept indefinitely.
    • Available items:
    • [PROGRESSIVE] Gear Head – Beryl M762
    • Schematics
    • Contraband Coupons


  • View upgrade features for each level of the Upgradable Weapon Skins, and you can upgrade them by consuming your materials.
  • Upgrading your Upgradable Weapon Skins
  • Schematics and Polymer are required
  • Upgrading will unlock features with each level-up. More schematics and polymers are required to upgrade to the next level.
  • An Upgradable Skin, [PROGRESSIVE] Gear Head – Beryl M762’s features for each levels are as follows.
    • Lv.1: Basic Skin Cosmetic (Level 1 appearance)
    • Lv.2: Magazine / Muzzle Skin
    • Lv.3: Uncommon Skin Cosmetic (Level 2 appearance)
    • Lv.4: BATTLESTAT Total Kills
    • Lv.5: Inspect Weapon Animation
    • Lv.6: Killfeed Skin
    • Lv.7: Grip Skin
    • Lv.8: Rare Skin Cosmetic (Level 3 appearance)
    • Lv.9: Loot Crate Skin
    • Lv.10: Scope Skin
  • Once a weapon skin has been upgraded, it cannot be reverted.


  • Salvage your Weapon Skins to earn materials for upgrades
  • Salvage – Weapon Skin
    • Up to 12 Weapon Skins can be selected at a time
    • Earn polymer by salvaging an ordinary Weapon Skin
    • Earn Schematics and Polymer by salvaging an Upgradable Weapon Skin
    • Tiers not listed in the below chart (Event, Basic, Ultimate) cannot be salvaged
    • The number of polymer and schematics earned from Weapon Skins by tiers is listed below
Tier Polymer Schematics
Legendary & Upgradable 800 3
Legendary (Ordinary) 800
Epic 200
Elite 40
Rare 28
Special 16
Classic 8
Common 4


  • Added Context Menu (right-click) when customizing your character to facilitate additional options
  • Added skin tier information to the Store preview

Lobby Ball

Teammates no longer appreciate your jump punches to the face during pre-match lobbies anymore? We’ve added some soccer balls as another way to keep you entertained while you prepare to drop in-game. Shoot, dribble and pass, but just don’t kick them into the water..

  • 2 soccer balls spawn in each player-occupied starting area.
  • The soccer balls vanish once the game begins.

Bot Improvements

Since the introduction of bots, we’ve made numerous improvements to their behavior, including adding additional interactions with grenades and cover. With this update, bots will now jump from the plane similarly to other players and we’ve also made additional improvements to the underlying bot AI.

  • These changes apply to all situations where bots spawn:
    • Match: Normal Match
    • Maps where upgraded bots can be found: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi
    • POV: TPP/FPP
    • Modes: Solo/Duo/Squad


In the Hall of Fame building on Erangel, the PGI.S winners are now being showcased. Relive the excitement from PGI.S in-game.

  • The winning team’s jersey and logo have been added.
  • Names of the winning players are displayed on the Hall of Fame board.
  • Photos of the tournament-winning moment have been put on show.
  • The PGI.S 2021 trophy is also displayed in all its glory.

Emergency Pickup Improvements

Thank you for the tremendous amount of feedback since we first introduction of the Emergency Pickup feature. And, with your feedback in mind, we’re the following changes:

  • Emergency pickup airplanes will appear less frequently.
  • There is now a 90-second cooldown between airplanes.
  • A countdown timer appears on the emergency pickup icon if an airplane isn’t currently available. Using an Emergency Pickup while the airplanes are on cooldown will cause the kit to be wasted.
  • Improved the sound rope sounds when attached players are moving.
  • Changed the model of the airplane.

Reputation System Changes

We have made additional changes to the reputation system to prevent a decrease in reputation points due to player reports.

  • Temporary bans related to potential cheating won’t impact reputation. Players found to be cheating will still be permanently banned.
  • Reputation will still decrease from other types of bans.
  • Breaking the PUBG Rules of Conduct can result in a ban and a subsequent decrease in reputation. We’ve updated in-game wording accordingly.


  • A view profile button has been added when receiving a team invite
    • You can now see a person’s profile before accepting their invitation
  • When receiving multiple team invites, the invite number is displayed in the upper right corner of the window.
    • By default, the most recent team invite is displayed first.
    • When a new team invite is received while viewing the profile via the team invitation message:
      • Team invitation messages from players in the profile you are currently viewing will be pinned to the front, and new team invitations will be placed behind them.
      • You can check that there is an invitation by seeing the number displayed at the top right of the message.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved server performance through server replication cost optimization related to character spawning
  • Enabled “Do not use display scaling in high DPI settings” equivalent setting without requiring it be set manually
  • Optimized processing of physics data through parallelization to improve CPU efficiency and reduce instances of frame drops and hitching
  • Optimized overall server processing load

Items & Skins


  • Sales Period
    • KST: 2 June 11 AM – 24 June 6 PM
    • PDT:  June 7 PM – 24 June 2 AM
    • CEST: 2 June 4 AM – 24 June 11 AM
  • Items
    • Crash Test AKM & Coupon Bundle
    • Crash Test Gear Bundle
    • Crash Test Costume Set
    • Crash Test Motorbike & Coupon Bundle
    • Crash Test SKS & Coupon Bundle
    • Crash Test Emote & Coupon Bundle
    • Crash Test Value Pack
    • Crash Test Weapon & Bike Bundle


  • Sales Period
    • PDT: 22 June 7 PM – 14 September 7 PM
    • KST: 23 June 11 AM – 15 September 11 AM
    • CEST: 23 June 4 AM – 15 September 4 AM
  • Items
    • CNH’s Bundle
    • CNH’s Shirt
    • CNH’s Shorts
    • CNH’s SLR


  • Sales Period
    • PDT: 22 June 2021 7 PM – 21 June 2022 7 PM
    • KST: 23 June 2021 11 AM – 22 June 2022 11 AM
    • CEST: 23 June 2021 4 AM – 22 June 2022 4 AM
  • Items
    • Big Bang
    • Deco Darling
    • Gunsmoke
    • The Returned

Shopping Day Vigilante

  • Sales Period
    • PDT: 13 June 2021 7 PM – 12 June 2022 7 PM
    • KST: 14 June 2021 11 AM – 13 June 2022 11 AM
    • CEST: 14 June 2021 4 AM – 13 June 2022 4 AM
  • 4 Sets
  • Blood Hound Set
    • Blood Hound Muzzle
    • Blood Hound Jacket
    • Blood Hound Pants
    • Blood Hound Boots
    • Blood Hound Gloves
  • Vigilante Set
    • Vigilante Hair (Bonus – Not for individual sale)
    • Vigilante Mask
    • Vigilante Bodysuit
    • Vigilante Jacket
    • Vigilante Shoes
  • Vigilante Helmet Bundle
    • Blood Hound – Helmet (Level 1)
    • Vigilante – Helmet (Level 2)
    • Vigilante – Helmet (Level 3)
  • Vigilante Backpack Bundle
    • Blood Hound – Backpack (Level 1)
    • Blood Hound – Backpack (Level 2)
    • Vigilante – Backpack (Level 3)
  • 2 Emotes
    • Victory Emote 54
    • Victory Emote 55

Ocean Fantasy

  • Sales Period
    • KST: 30 June 2021 11 AM – 29 June 2022 11 AM
    • PDT: 29 June 2021 7 PM – 28 June 2022 7 PM
    • CEST: 30 June 2021 4 AM – 29 June 4 AM
  • 3 Sets
  • Mermaid Costume Set
    • Mermaid Hair
    • MerMade-up
    • Mermaid Outfit
    • Mermaid Flipflops
  • Divemaster Costume Set
    • Divemaster Helmet
    • Divemaster Suit
    • Divemaster Boots
  • Lobster Costume Set
    • Lobster Mask
    • Lobster Costume
    • Victory Dance 56
  • 1 Emote
    • Victory Dance 56
  • 1 Vehicle
    • “Ocean Fantasy” Aquarail

El Solitario

  • Sales Period
    • PDT: 1 June 7 PM – 30 December 6 PM
    • KST: 2 June 11 AM – 31 December 11 AM
    • CEST: 2 June 4 AM – 31 December 4 AM
  • Items
  • El Solitario Biker Set
    • El Solitario Snake Head – Helmet (Level 1)
    • El Solitario Biker Suit
    • El Solitario Biker Gloves
    • El Solitario Biker Boots (Tan)
  • El Solitario Wolf Set
    • El Solitario Wolf – Helmet (Level 1)
    • El Solitario Wolf Bodysuit
    • El Solitario Wolf Gloves
    • El Solitario Biker Boots (Gray)

Replay System

The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unable to be used.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue where bots weren’t able to attack players on motorcycles.
  • Fixed an issue with bot DBNO bleed speed.
  • Fixed the issue where bots won’t attack players for more than ten seconds.
  • Fixed the issue where a different message is displayed after accepting “Continue with this team”.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera’s up/down rotation angle is overly limited in some vehicles.
  • Fixed the issue where the player perspective doesn’t return to default settings after using the Emergency Pickup.
  • Fixed the issue where players are able to throw an item through a window without breaking it.
  • Fixed the issue where the Helmet hiding feature is turned on as default.
  • Fixed the issue of the Match Report lists showing non-squad members when the match is in progress.
  • Fixed the issue of a DBNO player on a Dirt Bike remaining on the bike, still able to ride.
  • Fixed the issue where the microphone could activate on death even when it isn’t activated in a Custom match.
  • Fixed the issue where the character doesn’t hold their weapon as they get out of the vehicle in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where a destroyed Motor Glider could cause the driver to be de-synced appear in a different location after landing.
  • Fixed the issue where the Blue Zone was blocking the backpack and Emergency Pickup interaction.
  • Fixed the issue where players were unable to eject from Emergency Pickup


  • Fixed an issue where the nickname of the opponent team was displayed in the player selection list when reporting a squad member from the squad management menu during TDM.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s own nickname wasn’t highlighted in yellow on the leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue on Miramar where the plane path UI and exiting the plane wouldn’t work correctly in a few specific situations.
  • Aligned the text under Settings → Audio → Master Volume.
  • Fixed the issue with the Equip UI being displayed in red randomly while riding in a vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where squad-mates online status wasn’t reflected in real-time on the social page.
  • Fixed the issue of a missing comma in the G-Coin prices in the purchase pop-up.
  • Fixed the issue where the “Back to custom session” message is displayed when creating a Custom match and then accessing the Social screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the season mission image displayed the wrong weapon image.
  • Fixed an issue where the result screen was not displayed upon death when switching from the replay screen to the highlight and then returning to the lobby and playing the game again.
  • Fixed the issue where players are able to send an invitation to players in matchmaking situations and form a team.
  • Fixed the issue where the color of the survival mastery reward LV.370 nameplate is partially displayed in the wrong color.
  • Fixed the issue where the friend’s orders are wrongly displayed on the social screen.
  • Fixed the issue of online friends not being updated in real-time on the Social widget.
  • Fixed the issue where certain menus were not displayed in the Social widget as intended.
  • Fixed the issue where the played time with friends was displayed in the Social menu.
  • Fixed the issue where some English descriptions were incorrect in some Medals.
  • Fixed the issue where the translation for Play Zone and Red Zone weren’t applied on the killfeed.
  • Fixed the issue where players who have already been added as friends show up in the ‘previously played with list’ on certain accounts.

Skin & Items

  • Fixed an issue with the left arm graphics being displaying strangely, depending on the graphic quality, after equipping the Crash Test Handwraps.
  • Fixed the clipping issue occurring after equipping the LV.1 Vest followed by the Mad’s Jumpsuit on a female character.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when Spike Sweetness Jacket and PCS2 Unseen Survivor Masks are equipped at the same time.