Defend Your Battlegrounds

PUBG Corporation launched a new initiative to fight against cheaters in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds last summer, in which users can could report suspicious accounts as well as handle complaints from other players. This "Patrol" counterpart of CS:GO & Dota 2, dubbed PUBG Shield, moved into open beta testing last fall.

Today the devs have revealed a new update to the service:

For those who aren’t aware, PUBG Shield is our player driven anti-cheat program that allows players help PUBG identify cheaters and hackers. PUBG takes cheating very seriously and we are dedicated to evolving our efforts to combat it. While in-game reporting is still the most efficient way to report cheaters, it doesn’t catch everything. PUBG Shield has become vital for catching cheaters who get past our in-game systems by allowing us to have more eyes on the Battlegrounds.

How It Works

Have you ever been playing PUBG and see or experience something that feels like cheating? It’s not a good feeling and can leave you wondering what you can do about it. The good news is with PUBG Shield, there is something you can do about it.

Our PURRBG Cats friend Blue just encountered a cheater. What should he do now?

When you register for PUBG Shield you are granted access to tools, PUBG staff and a community of players committed to busting cheaters. You can submit your evidence and it will be reviewed by PUBG staff as well as fellow players.

Blue logging onto PUBG Shield to submit his evidence.

Not only can PUBG Shield help you with cheaters you’ve encountered, you can help others by reviewing their evidence as well. Even better, the community can help you be a more efficient cheater spotter by helping you understand what to look for. We have a dedicated Discord channel for PUBG Shield members that is vital for us to understand what players are experiencing.

A Bigger, Badder, Tougher Shield

As PUBG Shield grows and expands it becomes more effective which is why we are raising awareness now that we have made so much progress with the program. We recently implemented some significant changes to PUB Shield which allows it to be more accessible and user friendly. Here is our latest batch of updates:

  • Redesigned the UI – gave Shield a fresh new look
  • Back-end updates to support additional regions
  • Removed the requirement to have Discord linked in order to access Shield
  • Added partial masking of banned usernames on Discord updates to match the in-game system

PUBG Shield is currently still in open beta and player feedback is the number one driver for how the program will evolve. If you’re ready to pick up the PUBG Shield and help us defend the Battlegrounds from cheaters, head over to SHIELD.PUBG.COM and register now!