PUBG LABS: Respawn Royale

Hello Survivors!

This round of PUBG LABS utilizes two different gameplay changes to create a frantic experience for squads on Paramo. The first of which is a 500% damage increase across the board for all weapons and throwables in order to create a one-shot-kill scenario. But fear not, though dying may be easy, so is getting back into the game!

In Respawn Royale, your defeated squadmates will automatically rejoin the fight after their 100 second death timer has counted down. All you need to do is stay alive as a squad until that happens! If at least 1 squad member is still standing when a player’s death timer completes, they will rejoin the fight but be careful – if your squad is wiped completely, you’ll all be eliminated from the match.

Respawn Royale takes place on Paramo with you and up to 7 other squads. To help keep the focus on the action, we’ve also eliminated weapon looting and added the choice of three different spawn kits. This kit can be changed each time you respawn, so keep an eye on the situation your remaining team members find themselves in. The Blue Zone will also still function as normal, so keep on the move!

Weapon Damage

In Respawn Royale, the damage of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables are increased by 500% in order to provide a one-shot one-kill experience.

Spawn Kits

  • DBS
    • DBS with Holographic Sight
      • 12 Gauge x28
    • Deagle + Red Dot Sight
      • 45 ACP x7
    • 2 Smoke Grenades
  • AWM
    • AWM with 3x Scope
    • .300 x35
  • Crossbow
    • Crossbow with 4x Scope
      • Bolts x25
    • Ghillie Suit
    • Sawed-off
      • 12 Gauge x4

Respawn Cycle

Once knocked out, you will immediately switch to spectating mode and a 100 second respawn timer will display on your screen. During this period, you will have the option to select which kit you wish to spawn with.

Service Schedule

PDT: April 28th – May 3rd 12 AM
KST: April 28th – May 3rd 4 PM
CEST: April 28th – May 3rd 9 AM

Console: After completion of maintenance on May 6th.
PDT: May 6th – May 10th 12 AM
KST: May 6th – May 10th 4 PM
CEST: May 6th – May 10th 9 AM

Game Settings

  • Paramo
  • FPP & TPP
  • No Knocks/DBNO
  • 20 – 32 Players
    • (Console 16 – 32 players)
  • Squads (1-man squad disabled)
  • Item Spawns
    • Panzerfausts, Grenades, Molotov Cocktails
  • No Vehicle Spawns
  • No Secret Room Keys
  • Death Cam, Observer and Replays disabled

Notes When Playing in LABS

  • LABS games do not provide XP for gameplay rewards
  • LABS gameplay will not be added to Career stats
  • LABS gameplay will not count towards Survivor Pass missions
  • LABS gameplay does not provide BP or additional rewards